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Student Mentors - Students Helping Students!

Our student surveys revealed that some students don't know who to ask for information or assistance about our horticulture programs, campus resources, and other questions.  As a result, we have created our new student mentor program.  Our student mentors are current horticulture students who are here to help you with all of the questions that you've been wondering about, but have been afraid to ask!  They are excited to help you find the answers you need!

  • Information about horticulture programs.
  • Advice for how to navigate the horticulture programs.
  • Advice for how to succeed in your classes and programs.
  • How to find or access campus resources and student support
  • Any other questions you may have.  There are no stupid questions!

Do you need more information or advice about these or other topics?  Ask a student mentor!  

How to get started:

  1. Choose a student mentor below.
  2. Send the mentor an email with the subject "Student Mentoring."
  3. Get the answers you need!

Cherise Hunt

Cherise Hunt

Cherise loves growing and tending to her backyard garden.  She is currently starting her second year here at Mt. Sac and is working towards a degree in horticulture.  She is especially fond of trees and the arboriculture community, with a special interest in identification and the diagnosing of plant diseases and pests.  She is a mother of 3, who spends her time homeschooling, with an emphasis on medicinal and nutritional qualities of plants and the many wonders of nature and the world around us.  Please don't be afraid to ask her any questions, no matter how big or how small.  She is very knowledgeable and inquisitive and enjoys doing the research necessary to get you the answers you need.

Contact Cherise:  


Khalid Maznavi 

Khalid Maznavi

A child of avid gardeners, Khalid grew up outdoors and developed a love for plants from a young age.  Changing carers later in life and ultimately deciding to follow his passion, he’s now in his second year at Mt. SAC working towards a degree in Ornamental Horticulture.  He is especially interested in therapeutic gardens and horticultural therapy.  In his free time, Khalid enjoys spending time outdoors, trail running, gardening, and exploring his neighborhood. 



Cameron Miller

Cameron Miller holding harvested bananas

Cameron Miller is a passionate grower, fermenter, tree-tender, and cook. He serves as Ecological Program Manager for the LA-based educational nonprofit, The BirdHouse, where he has been lead garden steward since 2017. He has a background in permaculture design, and is currently a student of horticulture & landscape design at Mt. San Antonio College. He has particular interests in urban agriculture, arboriculture, and soil-building.



For more information about the student mentoring program, contact Jennifer Hinostroza at