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Mindfulness & Meditation

 Now available via Zoom

Allow us to support you during these challenging and uncertain times with virtual mindfulness, meditation and breath work sessions. In these 30 minute sessions, we will create a space to connect, learn and develop self-care practices that can be done at home. As we cope with the changes of online learning and all that we are going through, join us to improve your overall well-being. 

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Students Sessions Tuesdays 1:00pm - 1:30pm

Mt. SAC Students

Faculty and Staff Sessions Thursdays 12:30pm - 1:00pm

Mt. SAC Employees


Meditation involves practice that consists of many techniques such as mindfulness and breath work that can help train and condition the mind to be calmer, kinder and patient. It is a practice that involves both mind and body and can enable a state of attention, awareness and relaxation. There are many ways of meditating and there is no one right way to practice. 


Mindfulness is paying attention to our experience in a way that allows us to respond rather than react. It is a quality of inner-stillness that is always available, even when life or circumstances feel out of our control and chaotic. It is possible to be mindful/aware/pay attention to everything in our experience including anything we experience through our five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch), as well as our thoughts and emotions.


A Message from Andrea Torres





Listen to Andrea's podcast on Easy Mindfulness Practices and Mindful Guided Meditation to help you on your journey through this semester and beyond.


    •   Benefits from Practice

      Mindfulness: Allows us to live in the present, focus, and bring more awareness to what we experience moment to moment.

      Meditation: Is a practice in which we can create a sense of relaxation by calming down our minds.

      Breathwork: Various breathing techniques allow us to connect to our bodies and remain in the present moment.

      • Relief from stress & anxiety.
      • Increased focus.
      • Aid in emotional health.
      • Greater mind-body connection.
      • Increased compassion & empathy - the ability to care for ourselves and others.
      • Aid in self-regulation - controlling our emotions and behaviors.
    •   Positive Affirmations

      Tummy Breath
      "I am gentle and kind with myself as I grow and change."
      Sit or lay comfortably. Place your hands on your stomach. Breathe in deeply through your nose and feel your hands rise and then feel them lower as you slowly exhale through your mouth. Continue to feel the rise and fall of your hands as you breathe in and out.

      Bee Breath
      "This is a new day. I am a new me."
      Sitting comfortably, gently place the tops of your pointer fingers on your ears and close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose and then hum quietly as you slowly breathe out.

      Shoulder Roll Breath "I accept all my emotions and express them in a healthy way." Get comfortable in your seat. As you take a slow deep breath in through your nose, raise your shoulders up towards your ears. Breath slowly out through your mouth, lowering your shoulders as you exhale. Repeat slowly, rolling your shoulders up and down in time with your breath.

      Ocean Breath
      "I feel safe in the flow of life that is always changing."
      Breathe in deep through your nose. Keep your mouth closed, exhale while you make the sound of the ocean or ocean waves in the back of your throat.

      Square Breath
      "I love myself just the way I am."
      Breathe in for a count of four, and hold for a count of four. Then breathe out to a count of four, and wait for a count of four before breathing again. You can draw a square in the air while you breathe, to help you stay on track.

      Take 5 Breathing
      "I am free to choose thoughts of joy and I keep my thoughts positive."
      Sit comfortable, resting one hand in front of you with fingers outstretched like a star and the pointer finger of your other hand ready to trace your hand. Starting at the base of your thumb on the outside of your hand, breathe in slowly through your nose as you slide your pointer finger up to the top of your thumb. Breathe out slowly and slide your pointer finger down the inside of your thumb. Breathe in as you slide your finger up the next finger and breathe out as you slide down. Continue breathing in and out as you trace your whole hand.

      Resources and References:
      Louis Hay
      Childhood 101
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    •   Helpful Resources


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FAQ – Accessing Mindfulness & Meditation via Zoom


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A Mindful S.N.A.C.K

The next time you're feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or unsure, reach for a moment of calm awareness: a mindfulness SNACK. Here's how to do it:

Just stop whatever you're doing. (Stopping, by definition, requires us to begin again. We can always begin again.)

What is happening within and around you?

This is a tricky one. Whatever it is you're struggling with (time, kids, sleepiness, frustration) acknowledge it for what it is, without judgment. 

Ground yourself with questions about your experience and environment: What am I feeling? What do I need right now?

Respond to yourself and others (mistakes and all) with kindness and observe how that helps things get back on track. 



Meditation has helped me be more relaxed and be more positive throughout my days.







"Hello, I am Andrea, a facilitator of mindfulness, meditation and breath work. I have served this community as a counselor and professor, teaching students about self-awareness, self-care, and wellness. I have worked with all ages and diverse populations and I personally was a first generation community college student at Mt. SAC. I believe in the ability of every person to make positive changes in their life with guidance and support through things like therapy and safe spaces to share and connect with others. Join me to connect and share and learn new coping skills and strategies for your overall well-being. I look forward to sharing space with you!"

Andrea Torres, M.S., MFT, Professor/Counselor, Yoga Alliance MT100, Mindful Educator Essentials, Mindful Schools


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