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Self-Help Videos and Podcasts

Welcome Mounties! Here you will find videos created by Mt. SAC's Student Health Center professionals to help you during your time at Mt. SAC and beyond.  The categorized sections include: recorded workshops, for your listening and viewing pleasure, live streams, and downloadable mental health education. 

Enjoy the videos, and if you have any comments, suggestions, or recommendations, please let us know at or by calling us at 909-274-4400.


Image of a man who looks sad

Let's Talk Depression

Desiree Hernandez, LCSW, talks about depression.  She discusses what causes depression, what it feels like, and coping with depression along with valuable resources and information.

Let's Talk Depression Handout

Let's Talk Coping with Depression Slides Handout

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Improve Your Focus When Studying

 Dr. Regina Uliana, Psychologist and Dr. Ana Sanchez, Occupational Therapist provide students useful information to help improve focus on studying, apps to help manage distractions, and organizational tools to improve time management.

Focusing Video Handout

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 Reimagining Your Recharge with Mt. SAC Student Health Services Episode 99

Ever wonder why you’re not feeling rested or how you can get better sleep? Well we have some surprising answers for you that Livier Martinez and Tim Leslie from Student Health Services share during this episode that could change not only how you feel as you go through your day but also might increase the quality of your productivity. You may want to write this down. So get comfy, use this listening time as a moment of self care and enjoy.

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Image of woman who appears anxious

Let's Talk Anxiety

While mild bursts of occasional anxiety are a part of everyday life, anxiety that becomes more frequent and more intense can lead to serious disruptions and feeling out of control.  Learn more as Desiree Hernandez, LCSW, discusses its causes and coping strategies, and shares valuable resources and information.

Let's Talk Anxiety Color Slides
Let's Talk Anxiety Gray-Scale Slides

Coping with Anxiety Resources

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Recorded Workshops

These workshops were designed by our Student Health Center professionals with you in mind!  They are available to view anytime.

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Life Hacks 101

Desiree Hernandez, LCSW, discusses the importance of using daily strategies and tools that will assist you with coping and being successful through your time at Mt. SAC, and perhaps the rest of your life.

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"Calm Down" Bottle Activity

Occupational Therapist Ana Sanchez shows you how to make  your own "calm down" bottle,  created with various items found in your own home or discount stores.  The bottle provides something calming to look at when you are feeling stressed, upset, or just anytime you want to see something relaxing. It only takes a few minutes to make your personalized bottle, and it can be used just about anytime and anywhere!

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Quick Eats to Fuel Finals

Jo Anne Bermejo, RN demonstrates a couple of quick and easy dishes to help you stay fueled.  They're economical, filling, require only two or three ingredients that you likely have in your kitchen, and are easy to put together.

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Staying Healthy

In the era of COVID-19 and beyond, it is vital that we take good care of ourselves.  Mindy Throop, FNP talks about the basics of physical and mental self-care and how they collectively contribute to our overall well-being.
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Join Mindy Throop, FNP in a presentation about recognizing the strangeness of our current circumstances and managing unfamiliar feelings we may be experiencing.
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Technology Overload

Could technology be causing our mental exhaustion and confusion?  Nurse Practitioner Mindy Throop explores concepts and explanations for overwhelming fatigue during these times.
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Releasing Nervous Energy

During this brief training, Dr. Seth Meyers will review how to best cope with restless, nervous energy.  During quarantine, the campus closure, and recent events affecting our nation, nervous energy is especially relevant.  But these skills and techniques can be used anytime to feel as emotionally and physically balanced as possible.

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Sleep 101

In this information-packed presentation by Tim Leslie, LMFT,  he discusses the importance of sleep in our overall well-being, as well as steps that can be taken to improve sleep quality.  If you have sleep concerns or if you're wondering how your sleep, or lack thereof, impacts all aspects of your life, then this video is for you!

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Image of text I feel like making my dreams come true

My Vision Board

Trying to reach important life goals?  Keep your momentum going with a vision board.  Jo Anne Bermejo, RN and Samaris Alvarado, MA, show you how to craft your personalized visual inspiration, using both traditional paper and digital methods.

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Image of Origami

Origami Without Bending Your Mind

Our very own Dr. Ann Walker demonstrates how to fold your stress away!  Spark your interest in this beautiful ancient Japanese paper art form by learning to fold simple, but elegant kimonos, that in turn, create a lovely garland.

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For Your Listening and Viewing Pleasure!

Relax and get ready to be swept away by these uplifting and moving videos...these are a true gift for your mind and spirit!

Image of man playing guitar

Music to Move You

Hotel California made its first appearance on stage when recorded by the Eagles.  Composer and acoustic guitar virtuoso, Raul Chavez, adds his creative expression to this piece with classical and contemporary instruments.  This exclusive performance, recorded specifically for Mt. SAC, cannot be seen anywhere else but here!

Image of Guitar in clouds

Inspiration Room 1

Somewhere in California, created by Irene Martinez, motivates you to go on a personal journey to discover California's beauty, found in all places and in many forms.  We live in the most beautiful state in this country, with mountains, beaches, and deserts of incredible diversity.  Nature has a calming effect that helps us reduce our stress and increase our creativity. 

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Image of woman on beach

Inspiration Room 2

In a follow-up to Somewhere in California,  Irene Martinez's inspirational video, I Flow with Life, connects you to different landscapes on earth, affirming your unique place among its wonders.  The earth is our home and the more we discover it, the more we appreciate ourselves and put into perspective the size of our difficulties.

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Live Streams - Marvel at the Wonders of Our World!

Can't get enough of admiring nature's beauty or watching animals at play?  Check out the vast variety of live streams assembled here!

Aquarium of the Pacific Live Cams Live Cams
San Diego Zoo Live Cams 


Mental Health Education - Downloadable PDFs

Timely and helpful literature are here and ready for you to download, save, or print!

Breathing Exercises
Can I Survive Finals Handout
Meditation Handout
Yoga Workshop Handout