MUS 50  Jazz Improvisation and Performance Choir

2 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU, C-ID #: MUS 180)
(May be taken four times for credit)
Lab: 72
Prerequisite: Admission by audition

This course is for the study, rehearsal, and public performance of advanced vocal jazz literature with an emphasis on improvisation and skills needed to perform within a highly select vocal jazz ensemble. This choir will perform vocal jazz arrangements, and students will study the historical, theoretical, and technical aspects of both instrumental and vocal jazz. Solo singing techniques and scat singing will be rehearsed, and the choir will perform at least one concert each semester at Mt. SAC along with attending and performing at a variety of musical venues. Work with guest artists and make CD recordings. Attendance is required at assigned public performances. The course is repeatable for credit the maximum number of times allowable by regulation. Admission by audition. Off-campus performances are required.
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