AGHE 84B  Applied Animal Health Procedures

1 Unit (Degree Applicable)
Lab: 54
Prerequisite: AGAN 51 and AGHE 64

A field study course that emphasizes practical experience in applied clinical procedures and techniques, including treatments, preventive health care, and minor surgical procedures with school owned domestic farm animals. Experiences with animals will vary due to seasonal changes and different husbandry practices during fall and spring. Note: Students must provide documentation of up-to-date rabies vaccination series or titer prior to being enrolled, as required by BP & AP 5210 and requirements mandated by American Veterinary Medical Association. The cost for two-dose rabies vaccination is approximately $850-$1,050 (prices are subject to change), and both doses are required. Instructions on submitting documentation are available at . Additional information available at CDC Information and AVMA policies .
Course Schedule

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