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Professional Relations Committee

Purpose & Function

The purpose of the Professional Relations Committee is to preserve an environment that encourages the pursuit of knowledge and understanding while maintaining high professional and ethical standards. The committee will provide a safe, confidential environment for faculty to express their concerns and will be a resource on issues regarding ethics and standards. The committee will make every effort to assist faculty in resolving non-contractual, work-related issues identified as ethical and/or professional in nature.

The Function of the Committee is:

  1. Assist faculty in non-contractual, work-related, individual professional issues.
  2. Act as a sounding board and advisory entity that provides, in a confidential environment, a safe place to discuss issues regarding all aspects of professional and ethical conduct, not addressed in other entities or procedures on campus.
  3. Create an archive of the principles used to address particular issues and serve as a guide for professional behavior for faculty to use in the future.
  4. Ensure that all communications are confidential within the committee. Issues discussed will not be used in an evaluative manner in any way.
  5. Be a resource to faculty members in navigating ethical issues that arise within the academic environment. The committee has no authority to demand behavior change in regard to any faculty, staff, or manager on campus.
  6. Regularly report to the Senate and provide updates on standards of conduct.