President's Advisory Council

2003-2004 Accomplishments

  • Named as the Accreditation Steering Committee: During the development of the Self-Study document, PAC members reviewed drafts and provided input to the Accreditation Co-Chairs.
  • Recommended that the President proceed with the President's Advisory Council’s Budget Reduction Proposal – after some items were pulled to be treated separately.
  • Recommended that the number of credit schedules printed be reduced and that the College charge $1 per schedule – as well as encourage people to view the schedule on the web as much as possible. Originally, the recommendation to charge for schedules was presented to the President’s Advisory Council by the President's Advisory Council. While PAC agreed to accept that recommendation as a means to generate revenue, it was agreed that any decision could be revisited. In February 2004, President O'Hearn said he has conducted a thorough review and, because of the small amount of revenue received from the sale of the schedules at a time when we are attempting to increase enrollment, he would like to see PAC re-think the recommendation to charge for credit schedules. It was determined that the College would no longer charge for schedules.
  • Recommended a revised Committee Structure and Membership.
  • Shared the agreed-upon Budget Reduction Guidelines with the President's Advisory Council.
  • The College’s Mission Statement was reviewed. The College Mission Statement is reviewed on a regular basis. It was determined that no change in the statement was needed at this time.
  • Recommended that President O'Hearn accept the Insurance Committee’s recommendation to stay with CalPERS for another year.
  • Recommended approval of the copier card system to address the issue of excessive use of walk-up copiers. This new system is expected to be implemented in Fall 2004.
  • Suggested President O'Hearn talk to Cabinet members about possible alternative work week schedules for classified staff in order for offices to stay open longer without the use of overtime. This recommendation has been implemented in many offices across campus. For example, the President’s Office is open from 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., due to staggered hours.
  • Over the course of several meetings, PAC discussed the President's Advisory Council’s recommendation that staff pay for parking. It was determined that this needed to be negotiated and was referred to the collective bargaining process.
  • Recommended an increase in parking ticket fees from $15 to $25. This was implemented in November 2003.
  • Recommended the installation of parking ticket dispensers to all College parking lots. It was decided that the College will be charging to park on the campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will begin as soon as the ticket dispensers can be installed.
  • As the College revised its Board Policy manual over a period of seven months, PAC members received informational copies as each chapter was given to the Board.
  • Recommended approval of the “Revised Guidelines on Appointment and Service of Classified Staff on College Committees.”
  • Developed an historical enrollment analysis report. (Prepared by Sheryl Hullings and Ralph Jagodka). Their goals were to review College enrollment/funding data and identify the optimal growth target for the College, determine how much the College has lost or benefited by exceeding growth targets, and identify enrollment management and financial considerations. This information was forwarded to the President's Advisory Council.

Miscellaneous Information

  • In 2004, a confidential staff representative was added to the Council.
  • Grace Hanson’s term ended in 2004. Kerry Stern was appointed to a three-year term.