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Drawing of an airplaneFCLT Preflight Check with Resources

Welcome to the Preflight Check.  Click on the title for each of the CHECK areas to reach the checklist items complete with resources, suggestions, and solutions on common tasks associated with each area.


Preflight Check
CHECK 1 Course Design
CHECK 2 Regular Interaction & Collaboration 
CHECK 3 Learning Engagement & Assessment 
CHECK 4 Learner Support

(Click on the text that corresponds to the area of interest)

These resources have been created or collected to answer questions about how to comply with necessary regulations, to make course revision easier, and to provide examples that clarify best practices. We hope they give you ideas and suggestions that make course creation and revision easier.

Download the Preflight Checklist!

We cannot know which courses the ACCJC will review in our accreditation visit or the exact criteria by which they will be reviewed. For this reason, please understand that the Preflight Check service cannot offer any ironclad guarantees that your course will pass accreditation review by using the checklist or suggestions within. Feedback offered through the FCLT does align with DL regulations, best practices and good instructional design principles, so implementing these tools and resources in your courses will bring them into better alignment, and ultimately serve the underlying purposes for regulations and accreditation reviews, which is to deliver high quality learning experiences for your students.

    • About the Preflight Checklist

      The preflight checklist contains 4 broad categories:

      1. Course Design
      2. Regular Interaction & Collaboration
      3. Learning Engagement & Assessment
      4. Learner Support

      The FCLT team member assigned to your course will provide you with this checklist, which will check these categories and offer feedback using a set of symbols, which are identified in a legend (see below for legend details) on each page in the checklist, and with personalized written feedback in each check point in each category, as well as overall comments.

    • Symbols Legend

      The Legend includes the following categories: 

      • E* exemplary    
      • √ in good shape    
      • × room for improvement     
      • ?? question     
      •  !!  action required
    • More Accreditation Information
    • For More Help

      If you don't find anything that assists you with preflight check suggestions on these web pages or in your personal feedback, feel free to contact us by email , phone , or in -person. Our contact info is below.  We offer other services and support related to distance learning and teaching with technology as well as provide additional opportunities to get more hands-on help with the preflight check suggestions to prepare for accreditation. Consider these additional options to receive support!

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