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owl sitting on top of booksResources: Learner Support

Here is the checklist for CHECK 4. Resources have been added to the right of the checklist item to which they correspond. Feel free to explore any that seem helpful or interesting!

A. Supplemental Software/ Technical Accessibility

This item checks that support to learners is provided for use of technology and software.

  1. Clear explanations of options and/or required software including any additional costs are provided within the course.
  2. Software required to use course materials is listed with links to where it can be captured and installed. (E.g., Adobe Acrobat Reader link provided within the CMS.)
  3. If publisher materials are required, instructions on how to register and navigate this platform are provided in the CMS.
  4.  Links for software or publisher materials are located within the course where learners will use them (I.e. near the materials requiring their use).
  5. Only software supported by the institution is used in the course. Instructor has included information for students on where they can obtain help (I.e. Moodlerooms support, NetTutor, Proctorio).
  6. Links to institutional services are clearly labeled and easy to find (the default course shell provides a block with these resources).
A. Supplemental Software
B. Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

This item checks that content meets federal accessibility standards.

  1. Appropriate contrast is used. Color is not the only indication of meaning in any content.
  2. Images have alternate descriptions (alt text). (spot check)
  3. All videos are accurately closed captioned. (spot check)
  4. All other types of non-text communications offer an alternate media accommodation (E.g., a Powtoon animation is used, and the professor provides a transcript with description as an alternative media accommodation).
B. Accessibility & Universal Design Resources


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