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profile of person with idea light bulb and paper with grade of A on itResources: Learning Engagement & Assessment

Here is the checklist for CHECK 3. Resources have been added to the right of the checklist item to which they correspond. Feel free to explore any that seem helpful or interesting!

A.  Learner Engagement

This addresses variation in learning activities

  1. A variety of activities are included in each module, activities are related to the learning objectives for corresponding modules.
  2. Activities include higher order thinking/scaffolded learning (e.g., analysis, problem-solving, etc.)
  3. It is clear how each activity is linked to the module‚Äôs learning objective. 
B. Assessment Design

This addresses variation of assessment & its connection to other course materials.

  1. A variety of assessments are offered throughout the course.
  2. Assessments clearly evaluate mastery on learning objectives.
  3. Assessments include specific instructions/information on word count/length, number of posts/replies, due dates and amount of credit possible (points), and how to submit.  A rubric may also be included.
  4. Regularly scheduled assignments/projects promote interactions and collaborations: professor-learner, learner-learner, learner-content.
C. Feedback to Students

This item addresses instructor feedback to students.

  1. Frequent and substantive feedback is provided throughout the course. This includes individual feedback on assignments and discussions, but it can also include prepared feedback, rubrics, quizzes, news items, and release conditions.
  2. Comments are provided as feedback in the gradebook. If feedback is given in email, use announcements to notify students that individual feedback is available and where they can find it. This allows accreditors to see evidence that individual feedback was provided.


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