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Here is the checklist for CHECK 2. Resources have been added to the right of the checklist item to which they correspond. Feel free to explore any that seem helpful or interesting!

A. Regular & Effective Contact 

This item addressed the need to meet R&E contact regulations that distinguish DL from correspondence courses, largely through creation of a learning community.

  1. Professor regularly initiates communication with students through announcements, activities, and personalized messaging.
  2. Professor participates or presence is evident in discussion forums or other interactive/collaborative activities.
  3. Professor-to-student contact is evident. Modes of contact may include announcements, individualized assignment feedback, and/or rubrics.
  4. Activities are designed to promote collaboration and interaction, reinforce content and learning objectives, and support team building skills. (E.g., Discussion forums support a real substantive discussion among students rather than simply having each student individually answer a question.)
  5. Student-to-student contact is evident. Modes of contact include: discussion forums, group assignments, and/or collaboration
B. Interaction Logistics

This item covers planning regular interaction and communicating clearly.

  1. Course shows evidence of regularly planned participation/ interaction in the course.
  2. Announcements are sent out regularly during the course. 
  3. Announcements are composed in a way that the intent of the message is clearly conveyed to students.
  4. Instructions for interactive/collaborative activities clearly explain the standard for what constitutes a good and complete answer/reply.
C.  Materials & Instructor Interaction

This item covers interaction when special materials are involved.

  1. All activities that might create educational records (as defined by FERPA[1]) or that involve regular/effective contact are conducted within district or college supported systems.
  2. If publisher materials or digital tools are used to supplement a course, they are integrated into the CMS rather than sending the student to an outside source in order to meet Mt. SAC authentication requirements regarding single sign-on.
  3. When publisher materials are used, evidence of instructor presence is evident in the form of comments or evaluation within the course.

The Family Education Records Privacy Act.

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