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Online TutoringHow to accessNetTutor

and Other Online Tutoring Information

Please help promote use of tutoring as a college success strategy. 

If students learn how to use tutoring, they are more likely to use it in future classes. 

If students have never used tutoring before or don't have any idea how to use a tutor, showing them how could be a powerful way to increase their academic success.  

Mt. SAC currently offers 2 types of Online Tutoring for students:

NetTutor Mt. SAC Online Tutoring
Free to our 100% online classes, courtesy of the statewide Online Education Initiative (OEI) Provided by the LAC Tutorial Services or the Writing Center

What's the difference between the two? See below.

NetTutor Mt. SAC Online Tutoring
NetTutor is an online tutoring service provided by Link-Systems International (LSI). OEI (Online Education Initiative) selected LSI as a partner through a comprehensive review of online tutoring vendors and platforms, as part of a competitive bid process managed by the Foundation of California Community Colleges. For more information click here.  Mt. SAC Online Tutoring is provided by Tutorial Services in the Academic Support and Achievement Center (LAC), or by the Writing Center depending on the subject. The LAC offers online tutoring in the subjects of Math and Science, while the Writing Center offers online tutoring in English/Writing. Mt. SAC Onine Tutoring uses Mt. SAC's own student tutors.
  • Many subjects (click here for details)
  • Lots of late night and weekend hours, including holidays (click here for details)
  • Available to 100% fully online classes AND hybrid classes
  • Winter and Spring 2016 only, courtesy of NetTutor
  • Limited subjects (click here for details)
  • Limited hours (click here for details)
  • Available for all Mt. SAC students.

Great, so how do I make NetTutor available for my students?

Faculty Instructions Student Instructions

In order for your students to be able to access NetTutor, you must first add the link to your course. Do the following within your appropriate DL 100% online course:

  1. Within Moodlerooms, add a new activity or resource
  2. Select "General Tool"
  3. Click "expand all" on the top right
  4. Click "+show more..." below Launch Container
  5. Give your activity a name - we recommend calling "NetTutor" or something clear to students
  6. NOTE: If you see anything within "Consumer key" or "Shared secret", delete it before proceeding to step 7.
  7. Under "External Tool Type" select "NetTutor"
  8. Don't make any other changes
  9. Save your activity.

Your students should now see the activity on your course. We recommend placing the activity in a location that is easy for students to see.

If you run into problems or have any questions please contact Paul Kittle (x4258)

Please provide students with these log-in instructions:

  1. Log into Moodlerooms
  2. Under "My courses" select the appropriate DL 100% online course
  3. Click on the "NetTutor" link

 Or refer them to this video: