Proctorio Info for Faculty

NetTutorDo you teach an online or hybrid course? Would you like to provide more secure exams online? Proctorio is a free online/remote proctoring service available at Mt. SAC.

proctorio button click to enter formWhy Use Proctorio? Faculty can create more secure exams with less opportunities for cheating, allowing proctored exams to be taken online instead of requiring students to come to campus. To receive more information on how to integrate the Proctorio remote proctoring tool into Moodlerooms or Canvas, click here to complete the Proctorio Setup form and you will be contacted by someone from the Faculty Center for Learning Technology office.  You may also click the button on the right.
    • What is Proctorio
      What is Proctorio

      Proctorio is an online/remote proctoring tool that integrates into your current LMS. Tests are still created and delivered using the quiz tools in your current learning management system  so they look familiar and do not require extra editing or migration issues for professors. Proctorio layers additional monitoring and review, which offers flexibility in how it is provided.

    • Options for Monitoring in Proctorio
      Options for Monitoring in Proctorio

      Some (but not all) monitoring options require students to take exams on a computer that has a webcam and audio.  It is possible to allow students the option to take proctored exams online or on campus at the Testing Center. It is up to the individual professor to secure arrangements for students to take exams at the Testing Center before offering this option to the class.

      Proctorio tracks behavior and only reports behaviors that are out of the norm with other test takers (much more or less of an activity). Reporting is simple and flexible, allowing professors to decide what to track, how strictly to report on abnormalities, and to make nuanced judgments on what items to pay the most attention to based on testing type. Exams and grades are still created, edited, and reported within the LMS, with an add-on "Proctorio gradebook" that offers at-a-glance summaries of activity, color coded to call out cases for review, and offers condensed forms of review to make the process efficient for professors.

    • Setting up Proctorio
      Setting up Proctorio

      As of Spring 2016, Proctorio is available to all online and hybrid courses for free through the Online Education Initiative. To set up Proctorio and receive information on its use, please fill out the form. Once set up, is accessed through the LMS in which your course is hosted (Moodlerooms or Canvas). Most Mt. SAC students will access Proctorio through Moodlerooms, but those participating in the OEI pilot courses hosted in Canvas will access NetTutor in Canvas.

    • Proctorio Information for Students
      Proctorio Information for Students

      Students should be made aware of the use of Proctorio and any computer equipment requirements, or alternatives to the online proctored exam, on the syllabus. When Proctorio is installed, a faculty and student guide are provided for the professor to review and pass along to students. Students are also recommended to take a practice quiz to ensure that they understand how to interact with Proctorio exams and have received the green light on their computer software and equipment in advance of the actual test period. The use of this practice test is up to the professor to decide.