CanvasMigrating from Moodlerooms to Canvas

Below you will find a video and guide on how to migrate your Mt. SAC Moodlerooms course into Canvas, the new campus LMS. If you're interested in downloading this guide in PDF format for your own records then click here.


Migrating a Course from Moodlerooms to Canvas:

Migrating a course is simply making a backup copy of the course and importing that backup copy into Canvas. (NOTE: Backing up a course saves its CONTENT, not users. We recommend exporting the gradebook to be prepared for any grade questions, challenges, or incompletes after the Moodlerooms account closes.)

Open your Moodlerooms course and go to Administration menu and select Backup to create the file you will migrate to Canvas. Admin-Backup(see right image). This will take you to the Backup settings page. 

  • If you wish to keep all of your content from the course, you can “jump to final step.”
  • If you wish to sort out specific content, select “Next,” and you will receive a refined list of content from which you can select
    specific items. Note that you must have the heading selected to select any of the items beneath it.
  • Once your file backup is completed, you will reach a page that shows the User private backup area. You need to still download your backup file to use it. Click “Download” across from the file that you just created in your backup area. Save the file to your desktop. Remember where your file is saved. You can now leave Moodlerooms and go to Canvas. 

You can reach your Mt. SAC Canvas account through the Portal or by going to Once you are logged in, you should see your Sandbox. Enter your sandbox, and access the Course Checklist Tool. canvas setup checklist button

Once you reach the Startup Checklist, click on the top item, "Import Content." A blue button to import content will appear in the center of the page. when you click on it, you will get a page where you can specify the content you wish to upload. Choose Moodle 1.9/2.x from the drop-down menu. Once this completes, you have imported your course. Click on home to view the import and begin to make adjustments.  

Content type drop-down

A few pointers:
  • Try editing using and "onion" approach. Start at the outermost layer of the course structure and work inward. 
  • "Topic Zero" usually imports as an untitled module
  • Lessons and Books in Moodlerooms do not import using the automated tool. You must cut and paste content from these items from Moodlerooms into Canvas. 
  • Discussion forums in Moodlerooms may import into Canvas as Discussions or as Announcements depending on which discussion tool in Moodlerooms was used and what the settings were on that forum. Be sure to check both locations.
  • Discussions and Quizzes tend to import into Canvas as "ungraded" items. To change this, go into the settings for that item and select "graded" and set the correct dates. This item will now create a column in the gradebook and populate the to-do lists and calendar. 
  • Please see our many resources to acquaint yourself with the structure, tools, and features of Canvas. Contact us if you need help with the migration, or after you have migrated the course and you are in the process of revision. The Faculty Center for Learning Technology team is happy to help! 

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