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Do you have a Workshop Idea?

Is there a workshop you'd like us to offer? Perhaps you have an idea for a workshop you'd like to facilitate. As a faculty resource we are here to offer you opportunities to learn the skills or information that help you succeed as a professor at Mt. SAC! Send us your ideas at FCLT@mtsac.edu! 

Take Workshops with OLSC!

Each winter and summer, the FCLT (formerly the OLSC) hosts eLEARNING WEEK, which takes place approximately 2 weeks before the beginning of the fall or spring semesters. Workshop offerings change each semester, but always include an opportunity to complete the Moodlerooms Basics Series on campus in order to become certified to use our college learning management system. Please check for the schedule and register for these workshops on POD. In addition, there is an online, self-paced version of the Mooderooms Basics Series online. 

Basics Series

Moodlerooms Basics Series Part 1 (on Campus)

Description: Part 1 of the Moodlerooms Basics series. This workshop, along with Moodlerooms #2,  is required to gain access to Moodlerooms the learning management system at Mt. SAC. This workshop provides an introduction to Moodlerooms accounts, and gives a hands-on tour of the basic structure and settings that professors need to know to use Moodlerooms in their courses.Register for this workshop on POD.

Moodlerooms Basics Series Part 2 (on Campus)

Description: When taken with Part 1, this Basics series Part 2 workshop completes the requirements to gain access to Moodlerooms at Mt. SAC. This workshop provides a tour of the most commonly-used tools in Moodlerooms, and reviews Mt. SAC Learning Management System policies. Register for this workshop on POD.

Moodlerooms Basics Series Online

(parts 1&2 are included in one online course)

DescriptionThis online workshop allows Mt. SAC professors to become  Moodlerooms certified and gain access to the learning management system at Mt. SAC. This self-paced, nonfacilitated course is hosted in Moodlerooms. It provides an introduction to Moodlerooms accounts, and covers the basic structure and settings that professors need to know to use Moodlerooms in their courses. Each lesson covers an important aspect of the Moodlerooms environment, and is accompanied by a quiz that must be completed at 80% or better to receive certification. A POD evaluation form must be completed at the end of the workshop in order to qualify for salary credit. 

Other FCLT Workshops 

Here are some examples of workshops that the Online Learning Support Center has offered in the past. 

Making and Grading Assessments in the Learning Management System (LMS)* 

Description: Now that you have the basics, learn how to create, collect and grade assignments using Moodlerooms. This workshop explains some basic principles for designing assessments, and provides a brief tour of the activity types, grading tools and gradebook options available within Moodlerooms. Register for this workshop on POD.

*Note: currently taught using Moodlerooms

Explore Canvas 

Description: This follow-up session is based on results from the Fall 2015 Faculty Technology Questionnaire. As we continue to research whether our College should adopt Canvas, these sessions give faculty an opportunity to experience Canvas and offer feedback to assist the Distance Learning Committee (DLC) in making a recommendation to the Academic Senate. Register for this workshop on POD.

Using Images Effectively

Description:  Interested in using more visual imagery in your courses? Use of images and visualization can enhance student learning of lecture materials. "A picture is worth a thousand words" may be true, but what if downloading the picture takes an hour or delays how long before students can get through the lesson? This workshop will discuss ways to find and use images online or through campus library resources. Learn basic principles and policies that apply to image use, including the basics of copyright, image optimization, and where to search to find the right images for your courses. Register for this workshop on POD.

DVD Captioning in 3 Easy Steps! 

Description: This course is designed to give faculty and staff an understanding of the what, why and how of video captioning. Participants will learn how to caption a DVD video in a three part procedure: 1) Ripping a DVD disc, 2) Creating a text transcript, and 3) Captioning the video by syncing the text with the video. The finished product will be a captioned video that plays on the computer, and can play off of a classroom projector. Participants will also be provided with a comprehensive and easy to follow step by step procedure that includes labeled screen shots. Register for this workshop on POD.

Engaging Students by Creating Short Video Clips Using YouTube 

Description:  Learn how to create and caption a video clip in YouTube that you can share through the Learning Management System (LMS) Moodlerooms. Get new video ideas, such as creating a welcome video, professor bio, or mini-lectures for greater student engagement. Register for this workshop on POD.

Interested in Teaching a Distance Learning Class?

Description: This information session will orient faculty to how they can qualify for teaching courses online at Mt. SAC. Specifically, we will discuss the newly revised online teaching certification program called Skills and Pedagogy for Online Teaching (SPOT). SPOT must be completed prior to teaching an online course. In this session, faculty can receive help enrolling and starting the certification process. *Note: This workshop does NOT complete distance learning certification, but it can give faculty a jump start in the process. Register for this workshop on POD.

Improve Your Online Course Using the Online Education Initiative (OEI) Rubric

Description: The OEI course design rubric is strong, comprehensive, and supportive tool for good DL course design, including compliance with accessibility and other state/federal regulations. The OEI rubric is now incorporated into the new Skills and Pedagogy for Online Teaching (SPOT) updated course. This workshop provides an introduction on how to implement the OEI rubric to enhance your course. Learn how to evaluate and improve your course in the four rubric areas: course design, interaction and collaboration, assessment, and learner support. Case examples will be presented. Register for this workshop on POD.

Creating Accessible Handouts

Pending Salary Crossover Credit 

Description: In an effort to create a successful learning environment for every student, it is a good universal design strategy that all instructional material presented in the classroom be accessible from the beginning reducing the need for separate accommodations.  Beyond that, federal law mandates that all instructional materials (including handouts) be accessible. This course teaches participants the fundamentals of how to make instructional handouts accessible to all students. Upon learning the fundamentals, participants will practice making a handout accessible. Register for this workshop on POD.