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Exams in Canvas

If you have already written an exam, or you plan to, the resources on this page may help you. Learn about giving online quizzes and exams, converting exam documents into quiz banks, and using secure exam proctoring. For more detailed information, instructions, and updates on these tools, join the Mt. SAC Canvas Faculty Center.

Do you Need the Quizzes Tool?

Assignments and Quizzes are different tools in Canvas. Which one should you use for your quiz or test? This info may help you choose the tool with the functionality you need. 

  • Quizzes in Canvas:

    • require that you enter individual questions, which can be closed-type (multiple choice, true/false, matching, multiple answer) or open-type (essay, short answer, fill in the blank)
    • use the sum total of the individual question point values for the total points possible
    • allow you to limit the time allowed to finish to  a specific duration (e.g. 30 min, 90 min) 
    • allow you to randomize question order and shuffle questions. 
    • auto-grade closed-type questions
    • allow you to manually grade open-ended questions
    • allow you to  mix both question types (open and closed) in one quiz
  • Assignments in Canvas:

    (How do I create an assignment?)

    • accept only one entry type from several options: text entry, media, URL, or document upload (it is possible to upload more than one document). it is best to choose only one way students can respond. 
    • is a better choice for collecting tests that consist of an essay, paper, or other long-form written assignment (and for those we recommend using file upload). 
    • allow use of rubrics
    • awarding a holistic grade of an amount you choose (instead of adding up item points)
    • allow plagiarism detection and annotation on the document
    • allow you to download all submissions at once and re-upload all submissions at once.

Quiz Options in Canvas: Classic or New?

Canvas has introduced a new quiz tool in Canvas. It has been in test (beta) mode while they work out the functionality. It is expected to become the default quiz function in Canvas in July 2021.  This tool is not enabled by default, but is easy to enable in Settings > Feature Options. Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes may be used simultaneously within any course so feel free to try it out or opt to learn this tool if you are just starting out. For help with automating quizzes in Canvas see below on using Respondus 4.0.

Respondus 4.0 converts quiz documents to CanvasRespondus Logo

Quizzes, tests, exams, midterms, finals...whatever you call them, Respondus 4.0 can help! If you have questions in a word format or want to add a publisher test bank to Canvas, Respondus 4.0 allows you to transfer them so you don't have to enter them manually. 

Respondus is a software program that converts properly formatted answer keys or publisher test banks into a format that can be directly imported into Canvas. The Mt. SAC institutional license allows you to download Respondus 4.0 yourself and process your own exams or, if you prefer, you can send them for processing to Mt. SAC's Test Processing Service!

  • Do-It-Yourself Test Processing

    To process your own test banks or quizzes in Canvas follow these steps.  Documents  linked below may require you to log in to Mt. SAC Office to view or download.

    1. Install Respondus

     Visit our Respondus page (Respondus DIY tab) on our Canvas Faculty Center for Respondus installation instructions.

    NOTE: If you are using a Mt. SAC computer for which you do not have admin rights, contact the IT HelpdeskThey can remotely install Respondus. 

    To reach IT Helpdesk: email or call 909-274-4357.

    2. Prepare your test.

    If you are working with a word processing document, prepare the answer key for translation in Respondus: Respondus Formatting Guide 

    3. Use Respondus to Convert Your Test for Use in Canvas

    How to Convert Your Test with Respondus

    4. Upload Your Converted Test to Canvas

    After converting your document, upload it to your Canvas course(s)

    For more info on how to get started, please visit the Mt. SAC Canvas Faculty Center for full instructions.

  • Submit to Test Processing Service

    If you have a Mac or prefer for any reason to get help converting your exam to Canvas format, submit it to Mt. SAC for processing.

    1. Prepare your Test Document

    Document(s) types that can be processed by Respondus: .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .csv or .rsp. If your document is in another format, convert to this format or contact the Testing Service or the FCLT for more information. To prepare you document:

    2. Submit Your Document 

    Attach your test and submit your info:

    Test Processing Request Form
    • Each document you submit will be one test bank
    • Test banks will be named using the name you put on the file you submitted. 
    • We will process your exam as quickly a we can. Please allow 5 business days to process your exam. Please pay attention to email messages in case your document is returned to you for format corrections.

 For more information on installing Respondus, please visit the Canvas Faculty Center for details about using Respondus for Canvas quiz banks. 
(Note: Respondus 4.0 is a different tool than Respondus Lockdown Browser, which we do not license. Read below about Proctorio, our proctoring tool, which  allows you to lock down the student's browser as one  among other options for exam monitoring and security.). 

Proctorio (Secure Online Exam Proctoring)

Proctorio is an integrated tool in Canvas to allow secure online exam proctoring. This tool overlays on the Quiz tool in Canvas (please note it does not work with New Quizzes at this time).

Proctorio can monitor using video and audio, but even without using these functions, it offers many ways to create better exam security. Proctorio exams require some preparation on the part of the instructor and the students, so we recommend reviewing the documentation to get started. Students must take Proctorio exams on a computer using the Chrome Browser, and they must install a Proctorio plugin (which doubles as the button for support documentation and 24/7 live chat help. 

 Visit the Canvas Faculty Center for introductory information about Proctorio and its integration in Canvas. From there you can opt in to a Mt. SAC Proctorio Guide in Canvas. 

To Enable Proctorio

  • Access Canvas from a computer in the Chrome browser.
  •  Within your chosen course, enable "Secure Exam Proctor" in the course menu (Settings > Navigation).
  • Next, click on the menu item in your course and it will direct you to install the plug-in within your Chrome browser.
  • Now you can access the "shield" plug-in by clicking on it in your Chrome browser to reach Proctorio's extensive guide directly and review their written and short video instructions for the most up-to-date info on Proctorio functionality.

If you have questions, please contact any member of the the FCLT instructional design team.