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Astronomy Program

The astronomy program at Mt. SAC takes students on a journey to the stars...or planets, comets, or black holes, among other wonders of the universe. We offer degree applicable courses in introductory astronomy, a survey of the universe, and planetary geology, as well as special projects in astronomy. Plenty of hands on experiences with evening telescope observation sessions, field trips, and research projects exist. The state-of-the-art Randall Planetarium and the new rooftop observation dome are exciting learning labs for astronomy students.  


  • Astro 5 - Introduction to Astronomy
  • Astro 5L - Astronomical Observing Laboratory
  • Astro 5H - Introduction to Astronomy - Honors
  • Astro 5L - Astronomical Observing Laboratory -Honors
  • Astro 7 - Geology of the Solar System 
  • Astro 8 - Introduction to Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe 
  • Astro 99 - Special Projects