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Rocket team's dual-stage KNSB M-class motor rocket traveled 10k feet.

Rocket Team Members@ Friends Of Amateur Launch Site

The rocket team standing in front of their dual-stage experimental KNSB M-class motor rocket for the 2019 FAR competition.

Rocket Team Members@ Friends Of Amateur Launch Site

Mt. SAC Rocket 2019

Built by the Mt. SAC Rocket team to launch for the 2019 FAR competition.

Mt. SAC Rocket Team

MT.SAC Rocket Team is a student engineering team that teaches rocket engineering through hands-on exposure to the complete design-build-test cycle of engineering, providing students an opportunity to apply classroom subjects to a project with real-world challenges. Throughout our endeavors, we strive to promote inclusivity and diversity by structuring internal educational pathways to make even the most complex problems approachable to inspire the next generation of engineers from all walks of life.

Working on rocket

Design and Assembly

By utilizing the resources provided by the Mt.SAC Makerspace students can design, manufacture, and assemble components related to the rockets.

Group Photo with rocket


Prior to launching a rocket, test days must occur to assure all checklists are completed without error. We then compare and compile data from simulations to the physical data retrieved after the tests have been completed.

Launching Rocket


After completing all the deadlines set by the team, the final test will be conducted by launching our rocket.

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