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Campus Emergency Notification

The Mt. SAC the Department of Police and Campus Safety Department has the responsibility to respond and assess situations or incidents that may pose an immediate or ongoing threat to the safety and health of the campus community.

The the Department of Police and Campus Safety Director, Assistant Director, Field Supervisor or Patrol Officers, will assess situations or incidents reported on Mt. SAC campus and determine whether an immediate or ongoing threat exists.

Upon confirming that there is an immediate threat to the safety of the college community or specific segments thereof, the the Department of Police and Campus Safety Director, Assistant Director, the Chief Technology Officer, the Director of Marketing and Public Affairs, the Director of Public Affairs and the Director of Safety and Risk Management are the authorized administrators who will collaborate to determine the content of the emergency notification notice and will use part or all of the emergency notification systems listed below, to communicate the threat to the entire campus population or segments thereof.

Mt. SAC operates a campuswide emergency notification system that enables authorized personnel to quickly notify students, faculty, and staff about any campus emergency with personalized voice, text, and e-mail messages.

In order to execute the process effectively, personnel have attempted to collect the current contact information from students and employees and identify their preferred method of notification. Participants can provide their information on a secured online site. Participants are also assured that their privacy will be protected and that their personal information will not be shared with anyone or used for any purpose other than for emergency notifications.

the Department of Police and Campus Safety Department patrol vehicles are equipped with public address systems and during critical emergencies are strategically located throughout the campus to facilitate notification and communication through the PA systems. The college’s digital marquee at Grand and Temple Avenues as well as several inner-campus digital message boards (located inside the Student Services Center and on the exterior of the Student Life Center and the Art Building) may also be used to notify students and employees of immediate or ongoing threats. The campus e-mail system will be utilized to communicate alerts and ongoing updates to employees. The Student Web Portal ( will also be utilized to notify students of threats and emergency updates as well.

Sign up for the Emergency Notification System

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  • Emergency Alerts sends urgent notifications about campus safety issues straight to your phone, text and/or email.
  • Sign up for Emergency Alerts by logging into the Portal.


  • Emergency Contact Numbers
    • the Department of Police and Campus Safety
      (909) 274-4555
    • Emergency Services
      (909) 274-5567, Ext 5567
    • Risk Management
      (909) 274- 4320, Ext 4320
  • Sign up for Mt SAC Alerts in the portal