Civil Defense Response

The Mt. SAC Emergency Response Plan (ERP) contains detailed policies and procedures concerning the way the campus community is expected to respond to emergency situations.

Building Manager(s) are assigned responsibility for planning, organizing, and administering emergency preparedness programs at the building and department level. Designated Building Marshals may assist the Building Manager. Mt. SAC employees who are not designated as emergency responders are not to become directly involved with the response to an emergency unless otherwise directed by fire, police or Mt. SAC officials.

All Mt. SAC employees are designated as Disaster Service Workers in accordance with California law. As such they can be trained and required to assist in Mt. SAC preparedness, response, and recovery activities. Department managers  designate which functions and people are essential during an emergency. In accordance with state law, members of the campus community will obey all lawful directives issued by fire, police, and public health officers.

If an emergency situation is of such magnitude that it warrants additional planning or logistical support, Mt. SAC will activate its Incident Command Post (ICP) and Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The Incident Commander will  manage Mt. SAC support of the incident command system and campus emergency response efforts. If warranted, Mt. SAC the Department of Police and Campus Safety or the EOC will request assistance from the City of Walnut or Los Angeles County emergency response resources.