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Student Evaluations Process

For fully online classes, students will be asked to complete the Student Evaluation online. The process is detailed below under option 2.

For Distance Learning courses with on-campus meetings, there are two ways to conduct Student Evaluations.

  1. Students complete the evaluation during a scheduled on-campus meeting. The process is as follows:

    1. Get copies of the current H.2.e. Student Evaluation of Distance Learning Faculty (WORD version and PDF version) form and distribute to students during a class meeting along with the 8.5 x 11 Mt. SAC "Test Scoring Service" scantron form.
    2. Students complete the scantron using a #2 pencil. Written answers are put on the back of the scantron form.
    3. The scantron forms are dropped off at the help desk office located in building 23. They DO NOT want the scantrons sent via campus mail. The hours of the help desk are 7:30-4:30 Mon-Fri.
    4. Within 24 hours the instructor can pick up the scantron forms and the summary page at the same place they dropped them off.
  2. Students complete the Student Evaluation online. This process is outlined below:

    1. The faculty’s Division compiles a list of DL faculty and the courses to be evaluated and sends the following information to Loralyn Isomura, Administrative Secretary for Library & Learning Resources Division. Information that must be included is:
      1. Evaluatee (faculty) name and "A" number
      2. Course CRNs to be included in the Student Evaluations.
      3. The Dept. Chair name and "A" number (if he/she is to receive the results of the evaluation as well as the evaluatee faculty). See the attached Online Deployment Process document for information on who should be getting the results of the student evaluations. (click here!)
      4. Dates the Student Evaluations should be conducted.
    2. When the evaluation period begins, students will receive an email (to their Mt. SAC email) asking them to complete the evaluation. There will be a link for students to click on in the email to start the evaluation. It is advisable for faculty to announce the evaluation to students and remind them to complete the evaluation during the allotted time frame. Reassure students that their responses are anonymous and only the summary information will be available to the faculty.
    3. The faculty being evaluated gets twice weekly email messages with counts of how many and which students have completed the evaluation. The student names are made available in case faculty wishes to give some credit for completing the evaluations. The faculty does NOT see individual responses, only summarized information. If appropriate, the faculty’s Department Chair also gets the summarized information.
    4. Students will also get reminders during the allotted time frame IF they have not yet completed the evaluation.


Important Note:  Please advise students which method you plan to use for Student Evaluations so they will not fill out the electronic version if you plan to administer the evaluations in a class meeting.

If you have questions on this procedure, please contact Mary Johnson at or Meghan Chen at