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Pet Science (SOC CODE: 39-2021.00)

Job Description Overview

Feed, water, groom, bathe, exercise, or otherwise care for pets and other nonfarm animals, such as dogs, cats, ornamental fish or birds, zoo animals, and mice. Work in settings such as kennels, animal shelters, zoos, circuses, and aquariums. May keep records of feedings, treatments, and animals received or discharged. May clean, disinfect, and repair cages, pens, or fish tanks.

Related Careers

  • Nonfarm Animal Caretakers
  • Personal Care Aides
  • Veterinary Assistants and Laboratory Animal Caretakers
  • Farmworkers, Farm, Ranch, and Aquacultural Animals
  • First-Line Supervisors of Animal Husbandry and Animal Care Workers
  • Home Health Aides
  • Veterinarians
  • Healthcare Social Workers
  • Critical Care Nurses
  • Animal Control Workers

Sample Job Duties

  • Feed and water animals according to schedules and feeding instructions.
  • Mix food, liquid formulas, medications, or food supplements according to instructions, prescriptions, and knowledge of animal species.
  • Examine and observe animals to detect signs of illness, disease, or injury.
  • Provide treatment to sick or injured animals, or contact veterinarians to secure treatment.
  • Do facility laundry and clean, organize, maintain, and disinfect animal quarters, such as pens and stables, and equipment, such as saddles and bridles.
  • Collect and record animal information, such as weight, size, physical condition, treatments received, medications given, and food intake.
  • Perform animal grooming duties, such as washing, brushing, clipping, and trimming coats, cutting nails, and cleaning ears.
  • Answer telephones and schedule appointments.
  • Adjust controls to regulate specified temperature and humidity of animal quarters, nurseries, or exhibit areas.
  • Discuss with clients their pets' grooming needs.

    What Classes Do I Need to Take?

    • Pet Science

      This certificate program is designed to give students basic skills in production and marketing of pets at the wholesale and retail level.

      Required Courses

      Course Prefix Course Name Units
      VOC AGN01
      Animal Science
      VOC AGN02
      Animal Nutrition
      VOC AGN51
      Animal Handling & Restraint
      VOC AGN94
      Animal Breeding
      VOC AGL96
      Animal Sanitation and Disease Control
      VOC AGP70
      Pet Shop Management
      VOC AGP71
      Canine Management
      VOC AGP72
      Feline Management
      VOC AGP73
      Tropical and Coldwater Fish Management
      VOC AGP74
      Reptile Management
      VOC AGP76
      Aviculture - Cage and Aviary Birds
      VOC BM66
      Small Business Management
    Classes To Take (Brochure)
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