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Employer Information

Employers and community partners will find motivated and well-trained students eager to make their mark.  Our programs offer comprehensive skills training and instruction that is relevant, hands-on, and designed to align with our regional workforce needs.

Employer Benefits
  • Make a direct impact on a student’s education and shape future industry professionals
  • Evaluate prospective employees under working conditions with no obligation to hire
  • Increase company visibility
  • Partner with the college to enhance program effectiveness
  • The college covers Worker’s Compensation insurance for unpaid students
Employer Responsibilities
  • Interview and select eligible students
  • Work with student and instructor to develop learning objectives
  • Provide mentorship and training for students to achieve stated learning outcomes
  • Supply adequate equipment, tools, and facilities required to perform the work to be done
  • Verify the student’s work hours by signing the Work Experience Timesheet
  • Meet with the student’s instructor at the worksite mid-term to discuss the student’s progress
  • Evaluate and rate the student’s performance and progress towards their learning objectives at the conclusion of the term

Frequently Asked Questions

Further Questions? Please Contact: 
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