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AFM: Opening Meeting with record attendance

Classroom students listening to the Opening Meeting

2012-2013 another banner year for AFM club. Focusing on leadership opportunities,
networking, professional growth, community service and fun has produced an environment that students flourish in.

AFM Service Goal: To give back to MT. SAC, and the Community

Picture of the "Dribble for the cures at UCLA" participants

Fall 2012 AFM participated in Pediatric Cancer Research through Dribble for the Cure at UCLA

Spring 2013

Picture of Skid Row Team

    • Fundraised for disabled athletes through Swim With Mike at USC

    • High School Outreach Event

    • Union Mission at LA SKID ROW



Swim with Mike Team Picture

AFM Fundraising Goal: To use creativity & innovation by teaming up AFM Members to raise capital

    • Mexican Food Sale

      Mexican Food
    • TV Tapings

    • AFM T-Shirts

AFM Networking Goal: To bring together like-minded people to create Unexpected Opportunities

    • IMA DinnersIMA Networking Participants.

    • CALCPA Dinners

    • DMA Networking

    • Executive Financial & Business

    • Guest Speakers




AFM Fun!!

Students on the streets of San Francisco

Fun on the streets of San Francisco: Fall 2012


Financial Analysis and Management Conference Group Photo

Financial Analysis and Management Conference in San Francisco


SIC Group Photo

Student Innovation Contest: SIC


Baseball Team Group Photo