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Behavior and Wellness Team

What is Behavior & Wellness Team (B&WT)

The Behavior & Wellness Team (B&WT) is a multidisciplinary campus team that guides the campus community in effectively assessing and addressing concerning and/or threatening behavior. The B&WT aims to assist students who may be experiencing an emotional problem or before their behavior reaches a potentially dangerous level.

The team does not respond to emergency or crisis situations. For immediate response, call the Department of Police and Campus Safety at 909-274-4555 or 911.

Goals of B&WT:

  • Support and advise individuals who experience concerning or potentially threatening behavior
  • Educate and empower the campus community to recognize, report, and effectively address concerning, dangerous and threatening behavior.
  • Collect, assess, and track information on student behavior and referrals

B&WT Members:

  • Grace Hanson, Dean, Access and Wellness
  • Haneen Alghita-Aguilar, Case Manager/Coordinator
  • Andrea Fejeran Sims, Director, Student Life
  • Julie Perez-Garcia, Counselor
  • Koji Uesugi, Student Services Dean
  • Lesley Johnson, Directory, Adult Basic Education
  • Livier Martinez, Mental Health Clinician
  • Marti Whitford, Director, Health Services
  • Paul Miller, Sergeant, Police/Public Safety
  • Randall Yang, Public Safety Officer/Investigations
  • Rigo Estrada, Coordinator, Basic Needs Resources
  • Susan Wright, Counselor
  • Tim Engle, Counselor

What happens when I make a referral to B&WT?

A submitted referral goes directly to Haneen Alghita Aguilar, Case Manager/Coordinator for review during regular College business hours. Depending on the nature of the concern, Case Manager Aguilar,  will seek and receive advice from team members on the best course of action on the student’s behalf. In many cases, the outcome of the initial assessment is simply to offer support and resources to the student of concern, the reporter, or both. In cases where there is potential threat, B&WT provides recommendations to appropriate individuals or department in order to manage the threat.

The reporter will receive an email informing that the referral was received. Due to confidential limitations the response regarding the outcome will be limited, but offer guidance when needed.

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8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Building 9B-144
(909) 274-5771

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