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What is your AQ? Asessment Questionairre

Assessment Questionnaire

To help ensure students take the right English and math courses, the Assessment Center uses an Assessment Questionnaire (AQ) for course placement in English, Reading, and Math. Most students will immediately receive placement results based on their answers to the Assessment Questionnaire. The questions you will answer pertain to high school GPA, English and math courses taken in high school, and grades in those courses.

We recommend you refer to your high school transcript to answer the questions accurately. You can only take the Assessment Questionnaire once.


How to take the Assessment Questionnaire (AQ) 

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. We apologize that the Assessment Questionnaire is not presently available.
GET READY!  A revised Assessment Questionnaire (AQ) is on its way. Students who completed the AQ last year beginning April 2, 2018, through April 29, 2019, are strongly advised to take the revised AQ beginning May 7, 2019, and onward by going to the AQ website at
Taking the revised AQ may result in a more accurate placement into transfer-level math, English, and reading courses

Summer registration begins May 8, 2019. For further questions, please visit either the Counseling Center or the Assessment Center in the Student Services Center (Building 9B).

Continuing Mt. SAC students who have previously completed the English Placement Test and/or the Math Placement Test in the Assessment Center, and have not yet completed their required levels of English or math courses for the Associate Degree or transfer, may also take the AQ.

Need Help?
Get Hands-on Help

Please go to or call (909) 274-4265 to make an appointment for assistance with completing the Assessment Questionnaire. Please bring your high school transcript (either official or unofficial) to answer the questions. View the contact page for Assessment Center office hours.

International F-1 Visa students can get assistance from the International Students Office.

Correct an Error

If you submitted your responses but made an error, you'll need to work with a counselor in the Counseling Department to correct your error. You must bring your high school transcript when meeting with your counselor. You can only take the online Assessment Questionnaire once.

If you believe your placement result is too low, you can choose to take a Placement Test. The college will use the higher placement of the two results, so you won't have much to lose.  Mt. SAC recommends students attend the Test Information Sessions before taking a Placement Test for best results.

If you have questions about your placement or need help in choosing the right class for you, please make an appointment to see a counselor.

Placement Test

Some students will be required to take a placement test if the answers they provided in the Assessment Questionnaire were not enough to generate a placement. Others may choose to take a placement test if they believe they should be placed in higher level classes.

To learn more about the placement tests, visit the Test Information web page. To make a placement test appointment, visit the Assessment Center (Building 9B), call (909) 274-4265 or use the online appointment scheduler.

Who takes the AQ?

The Assessment Questionnaire is for anyone who completed high school or seniors close to completing high school in the United States.

International F-1 Visa students should work with the International Students Office for assessment.

When do I take it?

In the Steps to Apply and Enroll, you usually get assessed after you have applied to Mt. SAC and applied to receive financial aid.

What's next?

After completing the AQ, you will receive your course placement for English, reading, and math.  Your next step is orientation.  You may complete orientation online at .  A portion of the orientation will provide information regarding how to register for classes.