Thrive Pet Care Externship

A first-of-its-kind pet healthcare network dedicated to helping your pet thrive through every stage of life.

We are more than simply another veterinary provider.  We are a true partner in your pet’s well-being. Everything we do is done with empathy, consideration, and care. Genuine care that comes from a shared passion and universal belief that they’re more than a pet, they’re part of the family.  

ACCESS (Advanced Critical Care, Emergency, Specialty Services) provides veterinarians and pet owners with advanced medical treatment supported by leading-edge technology, teams of highly qualified doctors, dedicated veterinary technicians and administrators.

First opened in 2005, ACCESS now has four hospitals with locations in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, South Bay, and Pasadena serving pets and their people with the highest quality of veterinary care possible.

Our Mission

We aim to revolutionize veterinary care for pets and the people who love them through the world’s most trusted, innovative, and connected pet healthcare network. With our personal, professional, and technological support, our medical teams are able to dedicate their passions towards evolving veterinary standards, benefiting both pets and their human families.

We look forward to connecting with each of you to create the best environment for these students and their future! Please feel free to visit our website to see all of our amazing locations and to learn more about how your students can come Thrive with us! Also be sure to reach out with any questions you might have at