San Diego County Animal Services

Put your experience and technical knowledge to work every day. As an RVT, you determine the best course of action for every pet that walks (flies, or slithers!) through our doors. At our shelters, it is our responsibility to make every animal as comfortable as possible while they await being claimed by their owner or get adopted.

Expect the unexpected! One minute you could be performing x-rays on a dog. The next minute, you may be examining a goat or horse. You will get to work on countless species and gain valuable experience on each. Dogs, cats, birds, exotics, native wildlife, large animals, you name it, we treat it!


  • A current registration in California as a Registered Veterinary Technician.
  • A year of experience in an animal hospital and/or public animal control agency is highly desirable.


  • Predictable schedules that rarely change
  • Holidays off, 2-3 weeks paid vacation
  • Paid continuing education 
  • Uniform Allowances 
  • License Reimbursement 

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