Hunter Landscape

Hunter Landscape is a full service design/build landscape company located in Placentia, CA. We have been in business for over 40 years. Our primary focus is large scale commercial, industrial and retail projects. At Hunter Landscape we have a design team with licensed landscape architects, construction department, maintenance department, tree care department, and a nursery. We have several branches throughout southern California.

What we do is identify and inventory trees that have the potential to strike high voltage powerlines. We assess those trees using a program on a company provided IPhone and if they score high Edison will remove them. The job is outdoors and includes lots of hiking. We are looking for full time employees at 40 hours a week. You get a 4x4 truck that will be your office and you take it home. No office or building to show up to. 


We have currently opened a Planting / Landscape Designer position at our branch here in Placentia, CA with our design team. Would like to extend the invitation to apply to any of your students or new graduates. We are currently considering all level positions. Whoever is interested please have them send their resume to my email address.


We are looking for an individual that is enthusiastic, motivated, and organized. Applicant should have a basic knowledge of irrigation and landscape design. The applicant must know Autocad, Photoshop, excel programs, have good communication skills, be organized, and resourceful. The applicant will color plans, address agency comments, identify, evaluate, and apply project requirements and make agency submittals.

Knowing LandFX and having planting design experience is a plus. If interested please send resume to email below.

Juan Alvarez | | Hunter Landscape, Inc.