ACRT Pacific (Ventura Branch)

ACRT Pacific is dedicated to providing independent vegetation management services throughout California. Our team is a partner in your VM program efforts, helping you proactively manage your vegetation in this unique and challenging climate. We are a contracted company for Southern California Edison.

What we do is identify and inventory trees that have the potential to strike high voltage powerlines. We assess those trees using a program on a company provided IPhone and if they score high Edison will remove them. The job is outdoors and includes lots of hiking. We are looking for full time employees at 40 hours a week. You get a 4x4 truck that will be your office and you take it home. No office or building to show up to. 


  • Certified Arborists 
  • 2 or 4 year degree in Forestry, Horticulture, Natural Resources and or related fields.
  • 12 months experience in utility line clearance planning or 2 years utility vegetation management experience preferred but not required
  • Our target is to identify candidates to work on utility systems as vegetation management arborists.
  • Our Arborist perform identification, inspection, and evaluation of trees and brush along utility lines; Submit inspection results to clients with recommendations; Plan, direct, and coordinate the activities of assigned tree clearance crews; Discuss and negotiate line-clearance crew access issues; Serve as a liaison between clients, tree crews, and client customers.
  • Integrated Vegetation Management Principles


  • Full time
  • Healthcare
  • 401K Benefits 

Donovan Rodriguez | 626 566-4367 | ACRT Ventura