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Teamwork, camaraderie, and fun

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"Dreams come alive at Mt. SAC!"

Invite Yourself to our 'Aeronautics New Student Orientation' on Wednesday, August 24th at 7:00 p.m.

All AERO students take these classes 1st Semester:

Course Course Name Units
AERO 100 Primary Pilot Ground School 4 Units
AERO 102 Aviation Weather 3 Units
AERO 104 Federal Aviation Regulations 2 Units


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Don't forget to plan out your general education degree requirements. The normal student load is 15 units per semester, and our recommended course sequence suggests that you take about half aviation subjects and half general education subjects. There are great teachers across campus and fun subjects throughout the general education classes so don't be shy.

Did you notice that AERO 100, AERO 102, and AERO 104 are recommended as a block of classes? Primary Pilot Ground School prepares you to be pilot or controller, and the course is a survey of many aviation subjects. Our Aviation Weather (AERO 102) and Federal Aviation Regulations (AERO 104) are specialty classes that expand your knowledge. Take these three classes as a block and you'll be surprised how much the world of aviation and air traffic control opens up to you.

Our college operates seven flight training airplanes at nearby Brackett Airport. Flight training is optional for both aviation degrees but highly recommended. During the first two weeks of school your instructors will explain the flight training process, the type of commitments you will make to training, the costs involved, and the choices you will have in choosing a flight school and an instructor. For information about our flight training process go to the flight training page.