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What's the Mt. SAC Advantage?

It’s the superior quality of education, support services, and overall college experience we provide that gives you the competitive edge to succeed academically and professionally.

Why Choose Mt. SAC?

  • Mt. SAC is the first choice for many students (and their parents) for starting college.
  • For nearly 70 years, over a million people have enjoyed rewarding careers thanks to their educational preparation at Mt. SAC.
  • Our students leave here well prepared for university transfer and the workforce. 
  • Chemistry InstructionOur support services empower students to succeed, including students with physical and learning disabilities. 
  • We consistently earn state, national, and international honors in academic, athletic and artistic competitions.
  • We’re a top-tier institution for student transfers to University of California and California State University campuses as well as top private universities.
  • We rank in the nation’s top tier for awarding degrees—over 2,000 associate degrees granted annually. 
  • Our faculty is exceptional, offering real-world experience in the classroom. 
  • We offer over 200 degree and certificate programs, covering a vast range of disciplines.
  • We are a global college, serving students from virtually every corner of the world.  International Students feel at home here!
  • Mt. SAC offers a rewarding, well-rounded college experience for students—a balance of academics, campus engagement, and recreation. 

See a summary of recent accomplishments.

The Mt. SAC Advantage: Quality & Value

Application WorkshopsWhy pay nearly 50 times more at some universities for the same college English, math, science and general education courses you can take at Mt. SAC for a fraction of the cost?  That’s yet another Mt. SAC Advantage and that’s why it makes sense to start college here!  Plus we can help offset your expenses through abundant financial aid resources and state fee waivers if you qualify.  We distribute over $50 million to students annually.   Check out Financial Aid opportunities.

The Mt. SAC Advantage: What Students Say

Mt. SAC StudentCurrent students and alumni say they chose Mt. SAC for its outstanding academic reputation, great faculty, low cost, special programs, and proximity to home. They also say they would recommend Mt. SAC as their first choice to friends, especially to high school seniors who are thinking about starting college at a university.

Students particularly like the culturally diverse, friendly campus atmosphere that makes them feel like they belong. The various activities and opportunities for involvement also give students a sense of belonging. Working adults either pursuing second careers or acquiring new skills, say Mt. SAC offers the training they need to get ahead in today’s competitive marketplace. Others in the community enjoy the many recreational and personal development classes that are available at convenient evening and weekend times for the entire family.

The Mt. SAC Advantage: College of Champions

Mt. SAC is the place for those who want to thrive and excel. Many of our students and faculty have brought extraordinary distinction to our school in various disciplines, earning us the reputation as the “College of Champions.” You could become one of our valued champions. If you’ve got the dream, the discipline and the drive to work hard, we can equip you with the skills and confidence to rise to the top.  See accomplishments.

College of Champions

The Mt. SAC Advantage: A Word to Parents

Students walking to classResearch identifies you as the most influential factor in a student’s decision about college. That’s why it’s important you feel confident that Mt. SAC is the right choice, the smart choice for your son or daughter. Mt. SAC will allow them to start here, stay near, and go far. Whether they plan to earn a bachelor’s degree or acquire the skills needed to enter the job market right away, the Mt. SAC Advantage will better prepare them in a highly competitive marketplace with state-of-the-art instructional facilities, first-rate instruction, and our connections to a vast network of alumni and partners in the employment sector.  Our campus is a safe and welcoming environment with faculty and staff who care about students and their success.

The Mt. SAC Advantage: What’s Your Degree Worth?

Want to know the value of an A.A. or A.S. degree or a career certificate you can earn at Mt. SAC?  Research shows that students who complete an associate degree more than double their annual pre-degree earnings after two years in the workforce and nearly triple their pre-degree earnings after five years in the workforce. Nearly 45% of students who graduated with an associate degree and did not transfer to a university earned more than $54,000 annually five years after getting their degree.  For comparison purposes, that is the median wage of someone with a bachelor’s degree living in California, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  Check out the earnings of associate degree holders in a discipline that interests you through this new online tool, Salary Surfer.

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