RIE Major Projects/Responsibilities and Program Review

The Research and Institutional Effectiveness (RIE) team is charged with a variety of major projects and responsibilities (RIE Team Projects List. The list varies from projects that require 10 to 60 hours of time to complete to those that require years (i.e., accreditation) and are really never ending. The RIE Team's staffing compliment allows it to provide College-wide services (e.g., Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP)) as well as program-level services (e.g., transfer rate for Honors Students).

Research Program Review

RIE  participates in continuous program review through the College's Planning for Institutional Effectiveness model.

RIE's program review (Planning for Institutional Effectiveness - PIE) is done in a collaborative manner. Each year the team members meet several times to discuss the nature of the past, current, and future work. They decide how program review work should be divided and then they complete the department PIE as a group. Throughout this PIE document, several notations are made to identify important issues that should be considered for the Manager's PIE. The final two PIE documents are then used as the basis for planning and directing next year's team projects. It is through this collaborative process that the team progresses in its continuous quality improvement.

The Manager's PIE is give to the Vice President (VP) of Instruction where it is synthesized with the Deans' PIEs and used to engage the Instruction Team in dialogue about common issues and goals. The VP's PIE is given to the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) who synthesizes all VPs' PIEs into one coherent, overarching document that is presented to President's Advisory Council (PAC). PAC uses the Mt. SAC PIE Summary to review the College's progress toward meeting its College Goals and staying true to its Mission.

20013-14 RIE PIE Unit Manager

2012-13 RIE PIE Unit  Manager