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Important Documents

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Accreditation documents are located in the Mt. San Antonio College Library vault for the visiting teams. To search, click on the link above, then select the RESERVE DESK button, then type in ACCREDITATION and select the COURSE NAME button, lastly select ACCREDITATION from the list of courses.

2020 Vision Plan

Academic Senate Documents
Administrative Regulations and Procedures
Advisory Committee Minutes

Affirmative Action Plan
Alumni Survey
Annual Bookstore Sales Analysis
Articulation Agreements/2+2 Agreement
Articulation Agreement for Baccalaureate Level Colleges
Assessment Center Student Satisfaction
Assessment Environment
Auxiliary Services Year-end Reports

Board Policies

Campus Directory
Campus Map
CAN Catalog of Courses

Census--Community Demographics
California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Reports
CIRP (Cooperative Institutional Research Project)
Classified Senate Documents
Class Schedule
Clubs and Organizations
Collective Bargaining Agreements
College Catalog

College Income, Expenditure, & Reserve History
College Map
College Policies & Notices
Community Education Enrollment
Community Perception Survey
Core Values Statement

Cost per FTES (San Joaquin Delta Study)
CPEC Transfer Data
CSEA Chapter 262 Contract
CSEA Chapter 651 Contract
Curriculum and Instruction Council Statement of Purpose

Curriculum and Instruction Council Handbook
Curriculum Development Guide

Degrees and Certificates

East San Gabriel Business/Community/Education Partnership (School to Work)
Educational Action Plan
Educational Design Committee Statement of Purpose
Educational Design Committee Handbook
Educational Goals (entering students)
Educational Progress Committee Statement of Purpose
Educational Progress Committee Handbook
Effect of Probation Intervention on Student Success
Emergency Operations Plan
Emergency Procedures Handbook
Employee Demographics
Employee Survey (Personnel Assessment of College      Environment)
English 1A (Freshman Composition) Competency Rates
Enrollment Data
Enrollment Management Committee Purpose & Function      Statement
Enrollment Simulation and Planning
Exam Pass Rates
Exceptional Action Plan

Facilities Action Plan (Educational & Facilities Master Plan)
Facilities Planning
Facts and Figures
Faculty Contract
Faculty Evaluation Manual
Faculty Handbook
Faculty Position Evaluation Team
Financial Aid Delivery Annual Stats--Award Totals
Financial Aid Delivery Annual Stats--Number of Applications      Processed
Financial Planning and Budget Objectives
Financial Planning and Budget Process
Financial Planning and Budget Report
Financial Planning and Budgeting Submittal Form (Financial &      Non-Financial)
Financial Statistics for Current Cost of Education
First Census Credit Enrollment
Foundation Agreement

General Information about Mt. SAC
Governance Retreat Outcomes 1999, 2001 (Leadership Retreat)
Graduating Student Survey 2003

Handbook of Outcomes Assessment at Two Year Colleges
Hazardous Materials Seminar Booklet
High School Principals and Counselors Report
Honors Program Description and Year-End Report
Hourly and Part-time Contract Evaluation Documents
Human Resources Equal Opportunity Statement

Information & Educational Technology Year-End Report
Insights on Mt. SAC
Insurance Documents
Inter-Club Council Purpose and Function Statements
Inter-Club Council Minutes
Interest-Based Problem Solving for Classified Staff in Community      Colleges

Job and Career Placement Statistics
Joint Powers Authority Financial Statements
Juniors Day (see Senior's Day)

Labor Market
LA County Community Colleges Cost per FTEs
Leadership Retreat   (See Governance Retreat)

Management Position Descriptions Handbook
Marketing Plan
Math 71 (Intermediate Algebra) Competency Requirements
Mission Statement
Mt. SAC and Benchmark Colleges Can Courses
Mt. SAC and Neighboring Colleges Can Courses
Mt. SAC Crime Statistics
Mt. SAC's National Ranking for Associate Degrees
Mt.  SAC Relays and Invitational Summaries

Organizational Chart

Partnership for Excellence Self-Assessment

Probationary Faculty Evaluation Process (See Collective      Bargaining Agreement)
Professional Development Days Survey Results
Program Management Procedures
Program Planning and Evaluation Committee Statement of      Purpose
Procedures for First Aid and Emergency Care
Program Review Handbook
Program Review Documents

Report to the Community/2003 Calendar
Retention and Student Success Rates

Safety Committee Documents
SBDC Economic Impact Trends
Schedule of Classes
Scheduled Maintenance Program
Seniors Day Agenda and Minutes
Shared Governance Policy
Shared Governance System and Structure
Software Mastery Program Documentation
South Coast Higher Education Council (SCHEC) Agreement Grid
Speech 1A (Public Speaking) Competency Requirements
Staff Diversity
Staff Development Resource Handbook
Staff Development Training Schedule and Brochures
Staff Development Year-End Report
Strategic Plan:  Goals and Initiatives (2020 Vision)
Student Engagement Survey (Student Assessment of College      Environment) CCSSE
Student Equity Plan
Student Government Handbook, 2003
Student Profile
Student Survey
Student Right to Know Report
Student Utilization of Services

Title V
Training Source Contracts
Transfer Planning Guide
Transfers to Community Colleges & Universities, Nationally
Transfers to UCs and CSUs by Ethnicity

VATEA Student Survey
Vision 2020 Plan
Vision Statement

Wellness Center Community Outreach
What Can You Say About Mt. SAC?
Where do Mt.  SAC Credit Students Live?
Why Attend Mt. SAC?



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