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CIS Student Testimonials



CIS Student Testimonials and Letters


Hello Mr. Gau,

My name is Dane and I have recently taken the classes in your CNASM program.  I have completed all of the necessary classes to receive the degree as well as the additional ceritifications... I would like to share an experience of how completing your program has helped me in my current job.

I recently got a job working in a laboratory, it is a great job.  However, within a few months after being hired the company had to let some people go.  Being that I was the newest employee with the least amount of experience working in the lab I figured that I would be the first to go.  However, in the few months before this I had proven myself to the company that I am capable of managing many of the IT issues that arose.

Long story short, rather than losing my job, they not only kept me but put me in charge of managing the on-site IT for the whole lab.  Without the knowledge I gained through your courses I am certain that I would have been laid off.  Granted my title, laboratory supervisor, does not have anything to do with computer networking, yet the knowledge that I gained through your course has given me job security.  And I am now aware that the benefits of taking your course is not confined to the job security with this company but rather a versatile tool that I will bring to the table for any company I work for.

Hope you are doing well.


   Dane Johnson
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