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Accounting and Management Department Mission and Goals


The Mission of the Accounting & Management Department is consistent with the mission of Mt. San Antonio College, which is to welcome all students and to support them in achieving their personal, educational, and career goals in an environment of academic success.
The Accounting and Management Department has established these as its goals:
  1. Review, update, and continue to improve the Accounting and Management courses in conjunction with faculty incorporating the latest in technology and innovative teaching methods.
  2. Professional currency in Accounting and Management courses, depth of understanding of course content by students, and appreciation of related disciplines will be accomplished through activities that include staff development activities, club involvement, student field trips, and articulation efforts. Staff development activities to enhance and improve professional currency, such as workshops, conferences, sabbaticals for research, job-sharing, and other opportunities.
  3. The department will continue to develop and provide course materials that give students practical knowledge that can be applied to current and future professional needs.
  4. The Accounting and Management department will continue promoting our certificate program:
    • To prepare students for success in the workplace.
    • To improve vocational training
    • To maintain professional currency for our students
    • To increase term to term enrollment to support students in their pursuit of their individual goals.
  5. Continue departmental efforts to make all certificates achievable through on-line courses.
  6. Gain college Instructional Technology support to restart departmental program of mailers to students who are one class short of a certificate. Implement a program on blackboard that tells students which additional classes they must complete to achieve a certificate.
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