Chemistry 50 (General Chemistry I)
Supplemental Lecture and Laboratory Resources

General (overall) course measurable objectives
Expected Student Learning Outcomes (Exam study guide) for each exam. Lists detailed learning objectives for each chapter and topic.
This is a very important document for this course. Print a copy and use to direct your studies in order to better prepare yourself for exams and quizzes.
Powerpoint Slides: (Note: These slides are copyright protected and should never be used for any purposes other than your learning. Do not distribute and be sure to delete from your computer at the end of the semester):
Ch 1 – Matter, Measurements & Problem Solving

Ch 2 – Atoms & Elements

Ch 3 – Molecules, Compounds & Chemical Equations
Ch 4 – Chemical Quantities & Aqueous Reactions

Ch 5 – Gases
Ch 6 – Thermochemistry
Ch 7 – The Quantum Mechanical Model of the Atom
Ch 8 – Periodic Properties of the Elements
Ch 9 – Chemical Bonding I: Lewis Theory

Ch 10 – Chemical Bonding II – Shapes, VB, MO

Ch 11 – Liquids, Solids & Intermolecular Forces

Ch 12 – Solutions


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Laboratory-related  files (print and keep a hard-copy in your  folder)



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