Education & Experience

I hold a B.S. and M.S. degree in Chemistry from the California State Polytechnic University in Pomona with an emphasis in physical chemistry. My graduate research was in the lead acid battery research and development. I worked on the development of  a nondestructive method of testing lead acid batteries for their state-of-health using an electrochemical technique known as Impedance Spectroscopy".  In 1991, I decided to go back to school and get a degree in Chemical and Materials engineering from Cal Poly Pomona. This was an effort to complete some unfinished business from the early college years majoring in chemical engineering. Chemical Engineering deals with designing processes to make new chemicals and materials for a wide range of industries such as chemicals manufacturing, petroleum, semiconductor, paint and coatings, fuel cells, biotechnology,..
I have years of research and development experience working in the following industries (in chronological order and some as paid internship while in school).
Chemwest Industries, (Analytical laboratory, performing chemical analysis)
Harshaw Filtrol Catalysts, (Petroleum analytical laboratory, performing instrumental procedure development)
Teledyne Analytical Instruments, (working on the development of electrochemical sensors for portable gas analyzers)
Spectrol Electronics, (As a materials development specialist working on scanning electron microscopy of electronic sensors)
Ensci Inc, (working on the development of a composite light-weight, high power, lead acid battery in conjunction with NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL).

Prior to joining Mt. SAC I taught Chemistry at the El Camino College (Torrance, CA) during 2000-2008 years. Before that position, I held an instructional support chemist position with Cal Poly Pomona working in the area of General Chemistry laboratory support, chemical waste management and computer applications. I also taught chemistry (part-time) at  Mt. SAC during 1995-2000 years. During these years I realized that my passion is in teaching and the community college environment.

I joined the Mt. SAC’s Chemistry department in the Fall of 2008. I enjoy teaching chemistry and constantly look for ways to motivate my students to enjoy learning and become self-reliant and creative in the process of their learning. Making a connection between one's "common sense", life experiences and concepts is an effective and fun way to learn chemistry. In this framework chemistry is better learned than memorized. Please keep in mind that developing a creative mind requires one to be imaginative with a keen sense of observation and a discipline and willingness to get the job done. Today's students live in a very competitive world and it is to your advantage to prepare yourself by applying your full potential to learning and getting good grades. My mission is to prepare you for a successful learning experience in Chemistry. The most important aspect of my classroom experience is to motivate and involve my students is their learning process. Please come to my office and share your thoughts and concerns toward learning chemistry and let me help you. Together we can discover and overcome any barriers in the way of learning Chemistry.

My Personal Interests
I enjoy just about everything one can do outdoors in nature. I love picnics, camping, hiking and mountaineering,.... Whenever my schedule offers the space. An outdoor getaway offers me total relaxation, peace and awareness as well as inspiration. My favorite local spots are, Mt. Baldy, Mt. San Jacinto and the majestic Joshua Tree Desert National Park. A spring time visit of Joshua Tree's high desert is heavenly and beyond description. I enjoy listening to a variety of good music and cook over a campfire with friends. I also enjoy designing and building technical projects. One of my adventure goals is to bike camp from Los Angeles to San Francisco on a bicycle equipped with electric assist motor (combined with pedaling) powered with lithium ion batteries and solar charging.  

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