Computer Information System Service Learning Program

Professor Jim Gau


The Objective:

For students to apply what they learn from networking classes to the real environment and provide service to our neighboring elementary and middle schools. 


The Activities:

Mt. SAC Service Learning team will visit and help schools request assistance in computer related services.  We have serviced Chaparral, Suzanne, and South Pointe Middle School, Collegewood, Vejar, Evergreen, CJ Morris, Castle Rock, and Westhoff Elementary School.  A few companies also agree to have our service-learning students service and troubleshoot computer network related problems.  Six students in the Novell class also hosted a community computer training seminar for kids from 2nd to 12th grade.  In addition, computer network hands-on seminars and trainings are provided to prepare students for on-site services.





Servicing MAC at Collegewood Elementary





Troubleshooting network printer problem at Chaparral





Reconfiguring and labeling IDF at Chaparral




Hosting seminar and teaching kids at Mt. SAC




Service Learning team receive award at Vejar Elementary School



Local DTK corporation joined our Service Learning activities to support Vejar Elementary School





Feedback from Chaparral Middle School


July 6, 2003


Mr. Christopher C. O’Hearn,


Mt. San Antonio College

1100 N. Grand

Walnut, California 91789


I would like to take a moment to thank you for the hands-on technical support Professor Jim Gau and his Service Learning students have provided.  I have had the good fortune to be able to call upon Professor Gau and his Service Learning class on several occasions over the past two years.  The assistance they provided to the Walnut Valley Unified School District is tremendous.


Our middle school has grown from one 36 workstation computer lab and a few computers spread around the site to just over 300 workstations that are available for student use.  As you know, public schools are urged to integrate technology into our student’s education.  The problem is the availability of technical support.  Though the funding for programs has improved in the last several years, the technical support is seriously lacking.  Your Service Learning program and Professor Gau have made a very positive difference in the quality of education for both your students and ours. 


Again, thank you for your support.  It is both our students who benefit from the Mt. SAC’s Service Learning program.



Bruce Black M.Ed.

Computer Applications Teacher

Technology Coordinator



Mrs. Jan Keating M.Ed.


Chaparral Middle School





Feedback from Walnut Valley Unified School District


January 23, 2004


Mr. Jim Gau

Mt. San Antonio College

1100 N. Grand Avenue

Walnut, CA 91789


Dear Mr. Gau,


I received a grateful letter from Dr. Amy Monte, Principal of Vejar Elementary School.  She spoke about you and your service learning students and the hundreds of hours you have completed in helping Vejar meet its technology needs.  She goes on to speak about your students completing specific computer requests from teachers and the office staff.  Dr. Monte feels you and your service learning students have been “an outstanding asset” in helping Vejar setup their new computer lab.


I would like to commend you for the support you and your students have given.  Not only for the computer assistance, but also for the “positive role models to our students” that your young men and woman have shown to be.


Dr. Monte also says that several of our other elementary schools would like the assistance of you and your service learning students.  That too, is to be commended.


Again, thank you.




Kent L. Bechler, Ph.D.


Walnut Valley Unified School District





Comments from Students:


Michelle Salcedo: …attended the service learning class at Collegewood elementary…we were fixing the computers printers and monitor.  With the teamwork of about six students we corrected most of the problems.  …this experience was more useful to me…I received the A+ certification three years ago and I have never really used it much.  But now I have this wonderful opportunity to use it, as well as work with other people with my same interest…Cisco Routing lab…a pleasant experience…I would definitely go to another service learning class.


Nipa Albarico:…this is a very good and important hands on class for students to learn from the real life situations.  It benefits both students and the community.


Monica Hsu:…great hands-on network experience…highly recommend to all network students.  It brought real life network dilemma…definitely helped me to understand textbook material better.


Jeremy Moss:…the service learning at Chaparral Intermediate School was a great learning tool identifying some network problems, testing the cable and checking the hubs…it was a valuable learning experience.


Ervin Gonzales:…First visit to Chaparral Middle School, our task was to match the numbered wall jacks to the respective ports on the hubs and patch panels in the IDF (Intermediate Distribution Facilities)…learned first, we should bring some sort of communication devices…secondly, learned the importance of marking the cables at the time of installation in order to avoid confusion and hassle in the future.  Lastly, we learned the importance of proper documentation when setting up a network.  Overall, this experience was an interesting one, which provided us with real world experience.

…Second visit to Chaparral was to fix a network problem in which certain computers in some classrooms could not find the network.  This was truly a lesson in troubleshooting, as we discovered that some problems are not as clear-cut as we would like.  We spent a good deal of time switching network cables, rebooting computers, and sitting around while thinking about the problem.  As it turns out, the problem was an intermittent problem with the hub in which a port would die out for a while.  From this experience, we learned that troubleshooting does not always provide a simple answer…

…Third trip took us to Color Marble where we were supposed to install Terminal Services…to communicate with servers in Alhambra (remote location)…

…Fourth trip to SQF to install updated licenses onto the NetWare server…


Eddie Oliva:…I’m not familiar with Macintosh.  Even though we were working with Mac, it is almost the same as working with a PC.  Most of the computer problems were solved by observing and using our common sense.  It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was…It was a good learning experience for me…applying our knowledge to identify the problems and fixing the computers.


Debora Plante:…I enjoyed the direct hands on work…very interesting to see the things we learn in class applied in the field…will take this class again next time it is offered because the best learning experience comes form actual hands on work.