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(Unless otherwise noted, all readings are from your text, The College Student's Research Companion)
Date Due Reading
October 21 Chapter 1: Hitting the Road
October 26 Chapter 2: The Key to the Online Catalog
Chapter 3: Traveling Through the Stacks
October 28 Chapter 4: Stopping for DirectionsChapter
November 2

5: Finding Your Way Through Periodicals

November 4 Chapter 6: Modes of Transportation, Part I
Chapter 7: Modes of Transportation, Part II
November 16 Chapter 8: Uncharted Territory: The World Wide Web
Instructor Essay on Evaluating Web Sites (available at
November 18 Chapter 9: The Trip Home
November 23

Seven Stupid Searching Mistakes, Part 1 and Part 2 ( available at and
10 Commandments of Internet Searching

Please note: Other readings may be assigned throughout the semester. In that event, you will be notified of the reading and when it needs to be read by.

Deb Distante
Bibliographic Instruction Librarian

909-594-5611 x4285

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