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Annotated Bibliography Assignment

The final project for this class is an annotated bibliography consisting of ten sources. I would advise you to work on this throughout the semester so that you're not overwhelmed at the end in trying to get all your sources together. I will be happy to give you feedback at any point along the way. See the Lecture Notes from October 28 for more information on annotations. Examples of excellent annotated bibliographies from previous semesters are on Reserve at the library.

Key Dates

  • December 2     Draft of annotated bibliography due
  • December 14     Final copy of annotated bibliography due

Source Requirements

Your citations must be from a variety of sources. They must include:

  • 2 basic resources (books, videos, reference books)
  • 2 journal articles (peer reviewed journals, not magazines or newspapers)
  • 2 Internet websites (properly evaluated)

The rest of the sources are at your discretion. Internet sources, however, are limited to a maximum of four of your citations.

Annotation Requirements

All annotations are to be a critique of the work and must include all of the following information:

  • Qualifications of author
  • Usefulness of the source to your research
  • Any special features (illustrations, statistics, bibliography, etc.)
  • Intended audience/purpose of the work
  • Basis of the information (where did the author get the information? Research, opinion, etc.)

Writing Requirements

  • All citations must be properly alphabetized, according to the main entry (author or title).
  • All citations must be in correct bibliographic citation style, complete with all necessary and relevant information according to the citation style you have chosen.
  • All annotations must be written in paragraph style.
  • All annotations will be a minimum of three (3) sentences long.
  • All assignments will be typed or word-processed and include proper spacing, punctuation, and stylistic markings (underlining, quotation marks, etc.)

Additional Information on Annotations

Deb Distante
Bibliographic Instruction Librarian

909-594-5611 x4285

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