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Class Assignments

Date Due Assignment
October 21 Homework 1:
Choose your research topic.
Name three types of sources you anticipate being able to find the best information on your topic in.
October 28 Homework 2:
Prepare citations for at least two basic resources (book, video, reference work) using proper citation style.
Compose your research question.
November 4 Homework 3:
Prepare citations for at least two periodical articles using proper citation style.
Given what you've found in doing your research so far, do you need to revise
your research question? If so, turn in revised research question.
November 11 Homework 4:
Write a summary of your research experiences so far. What search strategies have you employed? Have you had better luck with keyword or subject searching? Why? What are some of the major differences in searching in a library catalog and in a periodical database? You must write a minimum of one paragraph for each of the above questions. This constitutes half of your mid-term.
November 18 Homework 5:
Relate your typical Internet search experience. Where do you typically start your search for information? What kind of results do you normally get? Is this an efficient and effective way of getting information? Can you see any advantages in saving Internet research for last? Why or why not? This should be thoughtful and well thought out; minimum of 1/2 page or 2 paragraphs.
November 23 Homework 6:
Completed Internet evaluation forms due.
December 2 Homework 7:
Prepare citations for at least two Internet sites using proper citation style. Remember to include your justification for the selection of those web sites.
Rough draft of annotated bibliography due.
December 9

Homework 8:
We've gone through the steps in the research process and discussed them in different ways throughout the semester. Give the steps involved in doing research, with appropriate examples to illustrate each step. Make sure and include all of the different types of resources that will need to be looked at.

Deb Distante
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909-594-5611 x4285

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