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Faculty Workshops

The Writing Center, in coordination with the office of professional development, plans to offer a number of workshops for faculty members. Focusing on issues such as using technology to teach writing, designing effective writing assignments, evaluating and responding to papers, integrating writing into traditionally writing-free courses, designing writing-intensive syllabi, and writing across the curriculum, these workshops typically consist of one or two sessions of 60-90 minute duration. Different workshops will be offered each semester. Writing Center staff is always interested in faculty suggestions for new workshop topics. Please contact the Writing Center director at dcharbonneauAT_mtsac.edu with your suggestions.

The permanent staff of the Writing Center is also available for individual consultation and conversation on any of these or other writing-related issues. We believe in the collaborative nature of both teaching and writing, and we welcome exchanges of teaching experience, techniques, and strategies. Faculty interested in presenting a workshop alone or in collaboration with staff are invited to contact David Charbonneau dcharbonneauAT_mtsac.edu or Nicole Blean nbleanAT_mtsac.edu to make arrangements.