Directed Learning Activities

A directed learning activity (DLA) is a set of exercises a student completes in order to improve a specific writing skill. DLAs are great because they cut to the chase of the issue you want to work on; there's nothing in a DLA unrelated to what you want to improve.

*Downloadable DLAs are currently being updated for ADA compliance. Printed copies of DLAs are still available in the Writing Center (26B-1561).  We apologize for any inconvenience.


Current list of DLAs, organized by category


DLA titles Supplementary Links
Academic Writing Don'ts  
Adjective Clauses  
Ambiguous Pronoun Reference  
Apostrophes and Possessives PowerPoint
Comma Splices and Run-Ons  
Comma Usage  
*Analytical v. Persuasive Thesis Statements DLA (temporarily unavailable online) Supplement
Conclusions DLA (temporarily unavailable online) Sticks and Stones and Not Too Rich/Thin
Integrating Sources DLA (temporarily unavailable online) Psychology Today Article
Introductions DLA (temporarily unavailable online) Introductory Paragraph Handout
Outlining the Essay DLA (temporarily unavailable online) Weight Lifting 101 Samples
Plagiarism DLA (temporarily unavailable online) PowerPoint
Pronoun Agreement DLA (temporarily unavailable online) PowerPoint
Reverse Outlining (temporarily unavailable online) Maybe You Shouldn't The World of Photography
Summary Skills for Academic Writing DLA (temporarily unavailable online) Six Tips for a Healthy Spring Break
Thesis DLA (*unavailable online) Thesis Statement PowerPoint