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Would you like to improve your writing skills but don’t know where to start? Come to the Writing Center’s FREE workshops. The 40 - 75 minute workshops are taught by Mt. SAC faculty and Writing Center staff. Workshops are one-time sessions about a particular writing issue for students seeking help developing their skills.

All workshops are located in the Writing Center Computer Classroom or AmLa Classroom inside Bldg. 26B, Room 1561A. Sign up for all workshops at the front desk of the Writing Center. Please call (909) 274-5325 for more information. Workshops are supported by a Title V grant.

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Verbs Boot Camp This workshop is designed for non-native speakers of English. Check out this intensive week-long workshop geared at improving your knowledge and use of verbs. Note: STUDENTS MUST ATTEND EACH OF THE FOUR SESSIONS TO RECEIVE A VERIFICATION CARD.

Conquering Commas—Tired of misplacing your commas?  This workshop offers a refresher on correct comma usage.

Correct Article Usage—This workshop helps non-native speakers of English to learn when to use the articles a, an, and the.

Fixing Fragments, Run-ons, and Comma Splices Discover easy methods for fixing the most common sentence errors.

Grammar Tips for Non-native Writers of English—This workshop reviews some of the most troubling issues for non-native speakers of English and offers tips on how to minimize these problems in your writing. This workshop is designed for non-native speakers of English. If you are a native speaker of English and need to improve your grammar skills, please take the Fixing Fragments, Run-ons, and Comma Splices and Conquering Commas workshops.

How to Write Sentences Your Teacher Will Love—Learn how to write better sentences and improve your papers.

Understanding Gerunds & Infinitives—This workshops is designed to help non-native speakers of English learn when to use a gerund (verb-ing) or an infinitive (to + verb) form after a verb.

Using Semi-colons, Colons, and Dashes—This workshop will help you learn how to use these punctuation marks to spice up your writing and keep your reader engaged with your ideas.

Writing with Style—Spice up your writing! Impress your professors! This series of workshops will cover semi-colons, colons, dashes, relative clauses, appositives, participial phrases, absolutes, parallelism, titles, and epigraphs.

Organization & Development

Better Brainstorming —This workshop covers the most helpful brainstorming techniques.

Easy Steps to a Great Thesis—Develop tools for creating a strong thesis.

Easy Essay Planning—Discover how simple essay planning can be.  

How to Write a Great Paragraph—Learn sure-fire techniques to help you write stronger paragraphs with less stress. This workshop is designed for students from English 67 through English 1C.

Introduction Paragraph Express —Learn basics of introduction paragraphs, including tips for "attention getters" and developing the framework for the thesis in this forty minute workshop.

Conclusion Paragraph Express —Find out how to get over the "conclusion paragraph block" and write effective conclusions in this forty minute workshop.

In-class Essay Writing—Learn the secrets to successful in-class writing!

How to Summarize—Come learn the best techniques for summary writing!

How to Write for your Learning Style—This workshop will provide tips to improve your approach and confidence about writing based on techniques for your learning style.

Research Writing

Starting Your Research (Research Workshop Part I) —Learn tips taught by Mt. SAC research librarians and Writing Center staff for writing research papers that require the use of sources.

How to Quote & Paraphrase Correctly (Research Workshop Part II)—Learn how to correctly integrate quotations and paraphrases into your papers while avoiding plagiarism. This workshop is designed for students working on papers involving research.


APA Style—Learn the rules of APA format. This workshop is designed for students working on papers involving research.

Mastering MLA (Research Workshop Part III)—Learn the rules of MLA format. This workshop is designed for students working on papers involving research.

NoodleBib: Citations Made Easy—Discover the stress-free way to create your bibliography using NoodleBib Software. Come learn the easy step-by-step process.

Special Topics

NEW! The Gilman Personal Statement Come learn how to apply for the Gilman scholarship, a program that awards study abroad students up to $5,000.

Tips for AWE Prep—Discover the best strategies for scoring higher on the English placement test and learn how to combat test-taking anxiety. Note: This workshop is for students NOT already placed in an English class. Also, verification cards are not given out at this workshop.

Quick Reading Strategies Learn to improve your reading skills and find out how these strategies can also help you become a better writer.

Writing about Literature Painlessly—Come learn some literary analysis techniques and strategies useful for papers about literature, poetry, and drama.

"What does my professor want?”: A Guide to Writing for College—This workshop will help you understand the expectations of your professors for your written assignments and give you pointers and tools to help you meet those expectations. This workshop is particularly recommended for students who have taken or are currently in English 1A or above.

Internet Tools to Improve Your Writing—Explore the web with an expert guide for sites that can boost your writing skills.

On Course : Success Strategies for Writing—Based on the textbook On Course, this workshop will provide tips to improve your approach and confidence about writing. 

Writing the Personal Statement—Come find out the best tips for writing college admission essays (located in the Career Transfer Center in Building 9B).

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