Why Choose Mt. SAC?

Mt. SAC is the first college of choice for many of our students and their parents. We consistently produce superstars in academics, athletics, performing arts, and professional disciplines — all of which has earned us the reputation of “College of Champions.” Mt. SAC offers a diverse cultural environment that makes students feel like they belong.

Quality & Value

Mt. SAC offers a quality undergraduate academic or vocational education at affordable rates. The direct cost to you as a full-time student taking 12 units each semester is almost $625* for the year. This compares to about $2,800 for tuition at Cal State campuses, $5,000 at UC schools, and $30,000 for tuition at private universities like USC. That’s an exceptional value considering you’re getting a comparable undergraduate education offered by the higher-priced four-year institutions.

Beyond the cost savings, Mt. SAC offers value-added support services for students — everything from financial aid, an array of quality counseling and tutorial services, advanced “honors” courses, job placement, opportunities for student leadership, campus clubs, as well as athletic and performing arts programs.

*Based on $26 per unit.

What Students Say

Since 1946, more than one million people have attended Mt. SAC. Both active students and alumni say they chose Mt. SAC for its outstanding academic reputation, great faculty, low cost, special programs, and proximity to home. They also say they would recommend Mt. SAC as their first choice to friends, especially to high school seniors who are considering four-year schools.

Students particularly like the culturally diverse, friendly campus atmosphere that makes them feel like they belong. The various activities and opportunities for involvement also give students a sense of belonging. Working adults either pursuing second careers or acquiring new skills say Mt. SAC offers the training they need to get ahead in today’s competitive marketplace. Others in the community enjoy the scores of recreational and personal development classes that are available at convenient evening and weekend times for the entire family.

College of Champions

Mt. SAC is the place for those who want to succeed and excel. Many of our students and faculty have brought extraordinary distinction to our school in various disciplines, earning us the reputation as the “College of Champions.” You could become one of our valued champions. If you’ve got the dream and the willingness to work hard, we can equip you with the skills and confidence to rise to the top.

A Word to Parents

Research identifies you as the most influential factor in a student’s decision about college. That’s why it’s important you feel confident that Mt. SAC is the right choice, the smart choice for your son or daughter. Mt. SAC will allow them to start here, stay near, and go far. Whether they plan to earn a bachelor’s degree or acquire the skills needed to enter the job market right away, Mt. SAC has the right program of study. We offer exceptional value at affordable rates. Our educational programs are first-rate as is our attentive faculty. Our campus provides a safe environment, and we’re improving the campus with new and upgraded facilities to promote enhanced teaching and learning.

We've Got It All

As a full-service academic and vocational institution, Mt. SAC does have it all. Here are some additional reasons we are the students' first choice, the right choice:

  • More than 200 academic degree and vocational certificate programs.
  • Demanding courses taught by an exceptional faculty.
  • Most credit courses are fully transferable to four-year institutions.
  • Support services that promote student success, including tutorial, counseling, and technological resources as well as a full-service library.
  • Student transfer rates that exceed the state average. Many Mt. SAC students transfer to prestigious institutions across the nation.
  • Affordability! Compare Mt. SAC’s fees to the hundreds of dollars per unit charged by many universities for comparable undergraduate courses.
  • Millions in financial aid available to eligible students.
  • Top honors in the arts, communications, athletics, science, technology, business, aviation, agriculture, nursing, and the humanities. We’re home to the world-renowned Mt. SAC Relays.
  • A hip place where you can belong and make new friends! We’re culturally diverse and offer many activities and opportunities for involvement.

What Is Your Degree Worth?

While students consider many things when they choose a college major, they certainly factor into that decision the future employment prospects and salary potential associated with various fields of study. The National Association of Colleges and Employers tracks the starting salaries of new graduates in particular disciplines.

If you want to know more about the wage-earning power of anassociate degree for your professional area of interest, go to SALARY SURFER, the new online tool that enables you to view the median earnings of those who completed a degree or certificate in a specific community college discipline and then entered the workforce.

Of course, starting salaries don’t tell the whole story. You must think long term and consider other important factors, like career satisfaction and whether you’re passionate about a particular major. Mt. SAC’s Career & Transfer Services and Advising Center can help you make this important decision!