Exercise Science / Wellness Center

About the Wellness Center

The Exercise Science/Wellness Center (ESWC) is a fitness and diagnostic training center, which unlike a regular gym or health club, guides individuals in various states of physical conditions, through a comprehensive training program helping them achieve an enhanced level of fitness.

The ESWC offers group exercise classes, throughout the week including Yoga, Cardio Dance, Body Sculpting, and Body Blast. The Center houses a variety of exercise equipment including treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals, stairmasters, stepmills, rowing machines, exercise balls, Bosu balance trainers, kettlebells and Star Trac/Paramount strength training equipment.

A variety of fitness testing services including body composition testing (hydrostatic weighing and skinfold measurements), resting metabolic testing, VO2 Max testing, strength testing, and flexibility testing are also available at the ESWC.

Exercise Science Wellness Center