omniupdate user's guide at mtsac

Working with Styles

Using the Format and Styles drop down selection on the tool bar, you can create font styles  that work with the MTSAC branding color palette.

Page Layout

You can create a nice Web page layout by simply using subheadings and a two-column table as shown below. Insert images that reflect the MTSAC experience within your department or program. See the examples below of the numerous format styles that are available to use. Just make a selection from the Format and Styles drop down menus in the OmniUpdate editor tool bar.

Any combination of the styles from the MTSAC color palette will work together to create a look that will complement the title banners and stay consistent with the MTSACa brand reflected in our many print materials. Play around with the different styles to see for yourself!

You can copy this example of a two-column page layout and paste it into a Web page you want to modify in OmniUpdate Publish. Just highlight the area from the points within the horizontal rules and use your keyboard COPY short cut.

Once pasted into your Web page, edit the styles and images to fit your needs.