omniupdate user's guide at mtsac

Saving the Page

To complete an edit, you must SAVE the page by clicking the Save button Save icon in the top left corner of the toolbar.

Also, as there is no automatic save feature in OmniUpdate, it's important to save work often even if you are not ready to publish. If you mistakenly hit the back button on your Web browser, you will lose any changes that you have made. Consequently, save often.

Once the Save button is clicked, you have several options:

  • Edit the same page further by clicking on the Edit button above the page
  • Select another page to edit by navigating to it via the Pages button
  • Publish the page by clicking on the Publish button

You can also perform other tasks, such as create a new page, upload documents to link to from your pages or upload images for inserting into your pages.

After you SAVE your work, the changes you made since you last published version will remain in the system until you are ready to make more edits or publish your page.

If you decide you don't like the changes saved since the last published page, you can REVERT to the last publish version or an earlier published version.