omniupdate user's guide at MtSAC

Publishing the Page

After editing and saving Save button a page, there are two ways to publish it.


  1. A page can be published immediately after editing and saving by clicking on the large "Publish Now" button in the Page Actions Toolbar.


    Publish file from editor screenshot

    Or a page can be published by navigating to Content > Pages, checking out the file, and clicking the Publish icon.

    Content Pages View

  2. Every time you publish a page, OmniUpdate creates a special copy of the page, a version that is stored in a Revert List that allows you to "revert" to any previously published version should you need to for any reason.

    • When publishing a page, you will be PROMPTED to include a message description about the changes made and then CLICK the publish button.
    • You may BYPASS adding a message but you must CLICK the Publish button in order that the page is published.

  3. Once the page is published, the Page Published message is displayed. The updated page has been copied from the staging server to the production server and is LIVE on the World Wide Web. CLICK the View Page New Window button to open your newly published page for testing in a different tab.

  4. Your page as published on the Web will appear in a new tab.
    • CHECK that everything looks as you intended, including links, styles, and the properties title at the top of the browser window that such as MTSAC :: OmniUpdate :: Publishing the Page. (Note: You will need to go back to OU Campus and make edits if necessary.)
    • CLOSE the tab with the preview of your published page to get back to the OU Campus editing session.
    • Edit another page or exit and log out.